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Permanently Unhide Library System 10.7
When Apple shipped Mac OS X Lion 10.7, the “Library” folder located within every user’s home folder, which had previously been visible to users in the Finder, was made invisible. This hint shows how to make the folder visible and keep it that way forever.

As you may know, and as mentioned in this hint, the Library folder can be made visible again by running the following command in Terminal:

/usr/bin/chflags nohidden ~/Library

Apple keeps making the folder invisible again with every System update, so it gets tedious re-running the above script. You can automate this by adding a Login Item with an AppleScript "script application" containing the following code:

do shell script "/usr/bin/chflags nohidden ~/Library"

Read detailed instructions for this hint, and download a ready-made script application file on the Red Sweater Blog.

[kirkmc adds: There are any number of ways to unhide the ~/Library folder. Macworld has an article with 18 different methods, plus a few more in the comments to that article. This hint also tells you how you can create an alias in your .profile file to easily run this command. ]
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Permanently Unhide Library
Authored by: bschappel on May 16, '12 09:47:51AM

A simple thing I did was to unhide the Library folder and then drag it into my Sidebar. Even if an update hides it again, it's just one click away.

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Or make an alias
Authored by: designr on May 16, '12 10:08:12AM

Or make an alias of the "~/Library" folder called "~/Library ."

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Permanently Unhide Library
Authored by: houplagrundle on May 16, '12 10:13:28AM

I thought this was a big deal until I actually got Lion and found that option-clicking on the "Go" Menu item it was there in the list. that's easy enough for me.

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Permanently Unhide Library
Authored by: designr on May 16, '12 01:31:27PM

This should be the hint.

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Why even do that?
Authored by: dethbunny on May 16, '12 10:41:32AM

I simply can't imagine that a person needs to access that folder often enough to justify un-hiding it. You can easily access the Library when you need it by holding "option" and choosing Library from the Finder's Go menu.

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Why even do that?
Authored by: marksch on May 17, '12 03:22:23AM

As a software developer, I definitely need immediate access to this folder, preferable in the way I have always had access to it, by simply double-clicking the folder.


Have your own custom software created

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Permanently Unhide Library
Authored by: david29 on May 16, '12 05:15:59PM

This is interesting. I made my Library folder visible when I first installed Lion, and it has stayed that way through every update. I can't remember what method I used though.

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Permanently Unhide Library
Authored by: diamondsw on May 17, '12 10:54:35AM

Here's a launchd plist that will do the same thing, but without the need for AppleScript, login items, etc. Just drop it in /Library/LaunchDaemons and set the permissions properly.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">

Edited on May 17, '12 10:57:07AM by diamondsw

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Permanently Unhide Library
Authored by: Djrumpy on May 22, '12 05:25:23AM

Using the Option-Go menu is fine for the occasional use, but that doesn't work in File dialogs. VERY irritating that they reset this flag for updates or even feel the need to hide it in the first place.

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Permanently Unhide Library
Authored by: OmniDragon on May 29, '12 07:31:41AM

All I do is run the command: $chflags nohidden ~/Library/ There is no need for //usr/bin/ (as mentioned in the previous hint) Then, browse to the folder in the Finder, drag it over into the sidebar, then do the command again. Only this time making it hidden: $chflags hidden ~/Library/ Then, it won't be visible in my ~ folder anymore, but it will still be perfectly accessible from the sidebar.

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