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Apr 27, '12 07:30:00AM

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]Google Chrome keeps older versions of its web browser causing it to balloon in size. I noticed that the Google Chrome App on my Mac was 1.2 GB. That seemed a bit portly for a web browser. Upon looking into the app's bundle, by right-clicking and choosing Show Package Contents, I found multiple old versions of the app, all which appeared to be nearly identical. I removed all but the most recent version and everything appears to run correctly and the app size is now a much more slim 113 MB.

[kirkmc adds: Interesting. On my Mac, in the bundle, in Contents > Versions, there are, indeed, two versions of Chrome. This presumably has something to do with Chrome's silent updating. (Queries on Twitter suggest that this is the norm; a number of people replied that theirs was around 220 MB, as was mine.) Make sure you keep the one with the highest version number. You could also, of course, just download a new copy.

If you want to turn off this automatic updating, see this hint from 2010.]

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