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Get rid of intermittent SSH_AUTH_SOCKET environment variable from SSHKeychain Apps
SSHKeychain used to set the SSH_AUTH_SOCK environment variable to something like /tmp/50x/SSHKeychain.socket, but even getting rid of SSHKeychain didn't get rid of the environment setting.

I used to use a great little program called SSHKeychain to maintain my ssh world on OS X. Even after Apple's keychain started dealing with ssh-agent properly, I still kept SSHKeychain around for the convenience of maintaining my ssh tunnel configurations in one place.

However, there was an occasional mismatch between the SSHKeychain way of doing things and the Apple keychain way, and SSHKeychain seemed to have fallen into disrepair, with no maintenance (on SourceForge at least) since 2007.

A few months back, I finally got rid of SSHKeychain, and started having problems.

There was apparently a phase-of-the-moon dependent race condition (somewhere) that clobbered the Apple keychain setting of SSH_AUTH_SOCK with a setting left over from SSHKeychain. This manifested itself as an occasional (during about 50% of my logins to my OS X account) demand for me to enter my ssh passphrase every time I made an ssh connection somewhere else. This, of course, kind of defeats the whole purpose of using ssh-agent in the first place, and was a major pain as well.

I looked at everything I could think of (e.g. .profile et al.) that was related to the problem to no avail. Spotlight was no help in locating the where the variable was being set from. Finally, yesterday, I decided that enough was enough, and ran a find|grep chain over what I thought was my entire disk. There were a few hits (including one in /private/var/vm/sleepimage that seemed like it could have been causing the problem) but getting rid of those still didn't do the trick.

I finally stumbled upon a useful magic search phrase for the problem in Google, and found this discussion from 2007.

It turns out that the culprit was the file ~/.macosx/environment.plist which appears to only have set that one environment variable. Getting rid of that file got rid of the intermittent clobbering of the SSH_AUTH_SOCK variable, and allowed the Apple keychain to maintain access to ssh-agent in the modern fashion.


As an aside, I apparently did not construct my find command (in the find|grep chain that I mentioned above) in a way that allowed it to descend into directories starting with a '.' and my brute force search missed the culprit.

I hope this helps someone else avoid all of the blood, sweat, and tears I expended on the problem.

[kirkmc adds: As obscure as this is, we all know what it's like to search for an uncommon problem and not find it. Every problem of this type that is documented helps others in the future when they search for a response.

It's worth noting that we had a hint about some problems with SSHKeychain back in 2007 as well.]
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Get rid of intermittent SSH_AUTH_SOCKET environment variable from SSHKeychain | 3 comments | Create New Account
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~/.macosx/environment.plist File
Authored by: googoo on Apr 26, '12 09:06:55AM
The ~/.macosx/environment.plist file is actually very useful. I use it to set environment variables that I need when logged on to my Mac in a regular fashion (with the GUI) but are not useful when logged on remotely through an SSH session. For example, I set my PAGER variable to aless (the AquaLess program) and my VISUAL variable to a script that acts as a front end to the bbedit -w command (which sends it to BBEdit). (See the bbedit -w script in the comments of this hint.) Remote logins do not process the ~/.macosx/environment.plist file.

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Get rid of intermittent SSH_AUTH_SOCKET environment variable from SSHKeychain
Authored by: sault on Apr 26, '12 02:40:29PM


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Get rid of intermittent SSH_AUTH_SOCKET environment variable from SSHKeychain
Authored by: jaydisc on Apr 27, '12 05:13:32AM

Very interesting....

  1. I regularly get the OS dialog prompt to enter my passphrase for .ssh/id_rsa.
  2. I try to save it in my Keychain, but I still get the prompt for the ssh-key password more often that the Keychain password.
  3. That environment variable IS set for my user:

    $ echo $SSH_AUTH_SOCK
  4. I don't have ~/.macosx/environment.plist

So, either:

  1. There is some other file setting that variable.
  2. That variable is being set by the modern Lion ssh-agent configuration.

Anyone know?

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