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Using a map location in a Reminder iOS devices
iOS Reminders can give you alerts when you arrive at a location, but those locations must be in your Contacts list.

I want to be reminded before I get to a location, for example, when I get to the exit off the Interstate. If I turn left, I head home, but my bank and the grocery store are the other way. It won't work to set a reminder "when arriving at the bank," because I'll never get there. I need to set a reminder "when arriving at Exit 15."

The trick is to use the Maps location. Tap and Hold the location you want to use for your reminder.This will create a "Dropped Pin." Tap on the > button to display details about that location Then tap on "Add to Contacts," "Create New Contact," and give it a name, like "Exit 15." This is kind of silly, as it isn't a person, and it isn't a business. It has no email, or phone, or even a real address.

Now go back to the Reminders Application. I can use "Exit 15" as the location for "Stop at the Grocery Store," and get a reminder, which lets me know that I need to turn right.

The only problem with this approach is that if I happen to be lucky enough to get a green light at the end of the exit ramp, I'm not at the location long enough for the Reminder to trigger.

[kirkmc adds: Interesting idea, but the bit about needing to stop seems to make it unpredictable. I don't have time today to go out and drive around to test this, but I think that if you are going to depend on a reminder that will only remind you if you get a red light, then this might not be ideal. If anyone wants to test this, please post your results in the comments.]
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Using a map location in a Reminder
Authored by: Loren on Apr 12, '12 09:21:48AM

You shouldn't need to have to stop for the reminder to kick off. As soon as you get to the "GeoFence" it's supposed to trigger. I guess, to save battery life, the iPhone only checks your location periodically. I wonder if there is a way to change that interval.

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Authored by: SeanAhern on Apr 12, '12 09:47:53AM

Even better than changing the interval would be changing the radius of the geofence. If it's large enough, then the normal interval should catch it, even if you don't stop within the circle.

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Using a map location in a Reminder
Authored by: jmanis2 on Apr 12, '12 10:36:41AM

Is this a feature in Reminders app that is only available on the iPhone 4/4S? On the 3GS I see no way to use a contact or a location for that matter.

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Using a map location in a Reminder
Authored by: Robert McMahan on Apr 12, '12 11:17:13AM

Wouldn't it be just as easy to drop the pin a quarter or half mile before the exit. That should give enough time for the reminder to activate in the case of a green light.

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Using a map location in a Reminder
Authored by: Mac112 on Apr 12, '12 12:54:24PM

Why not set the location to the exit before the one in question, or somewhere in between, if they are far apart?

Anyway - good tip!

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Using a map location in a Reminder
Authored by: peterhoneyman on Apr 12, '12 09:57:57PM

i'm going to tie a string around my finger and the devil take the hindmost

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Using a map location in a Reminder
Authored by: gonzos55 on Apr 14, '12 05:11:48AM

the solution to the reminder is to set it for exit 14 or 13 (depending on which way you are traveling. This gives you about a mile before your exit.


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Using a map location in a Reminder
Authored by: critcol on Apr 16, '12 10:00:36AM

That only works in states that connect exits to the mile number of the highway. For states that make the consecutive, the exit could be 10 miles away.

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Pin drop not remembered with accuracy
Authored by: drfrot on Apr 17, '12 08:33:58AM

Hmm. Not sure I entirely agree with this one.

I tried this recently for another purpose - dropping a pin on a particularly remote stretch of road (in the UK) to add as an accurate location for one of my existing contacts (sticking their full address and postal code into Google Maps was not accurate enough for their exact location, as their postcode covers several residences scattered over quite a wide area).

Dropping a pin where they actually lived and then going through to the further information window, the address of that pin has a truncated postcode, probably because there *is* no precise postcode for this exact location (i.e. instead of being "AB12 4XY", it is just "AB12 4"). If I save this pin location as a contact (or as an additional address for my existing contact), then the next time I click on it, the map opens at the centre point of this truncated postcode, which covers a *vast* area, and is even further away from their actual residence!

So the proviso for this hint, is that you must be setting your reminder to go off somewhere fairly well populated, with lots of postcodes/zip codes stacked closely upon each other, otherwise your dropped pin won't save accurately enough. At least in the UK. (Maybe Google Maps work differently in the US?)

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Using a map location in a Reminder
Authored by: Demani on Apr 23, '12 09:00:20AM

I've done similar things, but really this highlights how halfbaked the Reminders app is in practice. Needing to have contacts created is pretty crazy, and "Right here/within 50 feet of right here" type option would be way more useful for a lot of things (i.e. that tailor you stop at to get your pants adjusted before you go to a wedding, or a watch repair shop-places you use infrequently). Or to make it more useful when traveling.

Hopefully someone is developing a Reminders+ app.

All that being said-the map option can be useful if you aren't somewhere immediately addressable (eg a trailhead ("put on sunscreen"), an amusement park ride ("pick up roller coaster photo"), or a park ("check with kids about the using bathroom").

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Using a map location in a Reminder
Authored by: jonathanwills on Nov 07, '12 09:40:04PM

Take a look at Location Alerts app for iPhone which schedule future text and calls based on the location. I hope this is useful.

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