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Make Mail badge report only personal emails Apps
The Mail application can report the number of unread e-mails via a badge on the application’s Dock icon. It would be more useful if the badge showed more relevant personal e-mails (sent to you personally and not to a mailing list, ord sent from somebody you know). This way the user is interrupted less often, while still keeping track of relevant emails. Recently, Gmail has offered a way to prioritize emails (Gmail > Settings > Personal level indicators). The good news is that a similar technique can be used in Mail.

To have the personal emails reported, first create a “Personal email” rule. To create a rule in Mail, choose Mail > Preferences > Rules, then click on "Add rule." Name the rule “Personal email” and select the following:
  • The rule should match any of the following conditions
  • "Sender is in my Previous Recipients"
  • "Sender is in my Address Book"
  • "Perform action": flag emails with a gray flag
Next, create a smart mailbox called “Relevant emails” that communicates with the rule defined above by looking at flagged emails. You can create a smart mailbox by choosing Mailbox > New Smart Mailbox. Specify that e-mails in the smart mailbox should satisfy all of the following conditions:
  • E-mail should be unread ("Message is unread")
  • Flagged ("Message is flagged")
  • In your inbox ("Message is in Mailbox Inbox")
  • Has been sent directly to you ("Any recipient contains myemail@mydomain").
Finally, go to Mail's General preferences, and next to “Dock unread count” choose the “Relevant emails” smart mailbox.

The dock badge will now count unread personal e-mails from the smart mailbox you just created.

[kirkmc adds: I have actually done something similar for years. I have a "Current" smart mailbox, which contains messages that are important; everything but mailing lists, Google alerts and spam. That is the one I have selected for the Mail icon badge.

We ran a hint about this in 2009, but it simply specified how to choose a smart mailbox for the badge count. This current hint is useful as it explains how to filter specific e-mails that come from people you know.]
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Make Mail badge report only personal emails
Authored by: michelle_eris on Apr 10, '12 09:16:52AM

Alternatively, you can use the DockStar plugin; it will badge up to five folders, so you can filter mail without having to use smart mailboxes, and the mail icon in the Dock will show up to five badges, with the number of unread messages in each badge.

Additionally, it can place these badges on the right side of the menu bar; clicking on a badge there will open, displaying the contents of the folder corresponding to the clicked badge.

Finally, you can also display the badges in a screen saver.

I have no affiliation with the makers of DockStar, other than as a very satisfied customer.

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Make Mail badge report only personal emails
Authored by: drorata on Apr 11, '12 01:19:17AM

It seems to be a very handy hint. However, I didn't manage to use it, as I have two problems:
1. I couldn't find where/how to flag a mail in gary in the rule setting step. Is it version dependent? Can I use a different color?
2. In the smart mailbox setting, it seems like the color doesn't make any difference; Can I use the red flag?

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Make Mail badge report only personal emails
Authored by: xplora on Apr 11, '12 08:11:14AM

1. Yes, it is version dependant. Sorry, but not sure if coloured flags started in Lion or Snow Leopard, but I think it was Lion (10.7).
2. If you are not using the standard flag for anything, yes you could just use the normal (Red) flag.

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Make Mail badge report only personal emails
Authored by: xplora on Apr 11, '12 08:05:52AM

Or you could filter everything to folders that are not the inbox either at the server or with mail rules, and set the badge icon to Inbox Only.

Edited on Apr 11, '12 08:12:22AM by xplora

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