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10.7: Zoom windows in Mission Control System 10.7
Mission control is a great tool but with many programs and windows open, it can be difficult to identify what is in specific windows. Just as you do in the Finder to activate Quick Look, press the space bar when hovering your cursor over a window to zoom the window without making it active and quitting Mission Control. This is very useful if you're constantly working with a lot of small windows, or a lot of windows with text that all look the same in Mission Control.

[kirkmc adds: We ran this as part of a Mission Control tips hint last year. But that hint is actually incorrect; this does not "Quick Look [a window's] content," but rather zooms it. Quick Look is a very specific display which allows you to scroll through multi-page documents, view videos and more. If you use this to zoom in Mission Control, you cannot scroll; for example, if I zoom the BBEdit window in which I'm editing this hint, I can't then scroll up or down in the window, as I could if I Quick Looked the text file in the Finder.]
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10.7: Zoom windows in Mission Control
Authored by: digs0 on Apr 02, '12 01:28:30PM

What I'm looking for is a way to, after having invoked Mission Control, Command-Tab through applications one by one in app-specific mode. Am I crazy, or did we used to be able to do that in Exposť?


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10.7: Zoom windows in Mission Control
Authored by: Mr. H on Apr 03, '12 01:34:56AM

You're not crazy. In 10.5 you can Exposť all windows, then press the tab key to cycle through windows on an application by application basis.

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10.7: Zoom windows in Mission Control
Authored by: interlard on Apr 03, '12 08:23:11PM

I wish someone would create an Exposť extension for Lion. Apple aren't going to un-break it, I think I'd pay up to $20 to have it back.

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10.7: Zoom windows in Mission Control
Authored by: llee on Apr 04, '12 10:54:40AM

I think the closest you'll get for now is to use your Mission Control screen selection/switching shortcuts that appear in the Mission Control list item for the Keyboard Shortcuts segment tab in the Keyboard system prefpane.
For example, use the Mission Control shortcut to view your desktops (by default ctl-up arrow, used to be F8), locate the app that has windows you may want by switching desktops, mousing over windows and using spacebar to magnify. When you get to the window that may be the one you want, verify that's the case by magnifying it with spacebar. Now here's the tricky part. You can grab the window with the cursor and make it live while it's being dragged by pressing escape. The tricky part is that the window may look as though it's not going to become active, but when you release it, it activates. Another tricky part is that if you drag that window too much before pressing escape (shrinking it for placement on another desktop, for example) you'll spoil it's activation on releasing the cursor.

One more thing, a trackpad can complicate this procedure a bit, you'll probably need to set tap dragging and/or drag lock, which, in Lion, must now be adjusted in System Preferences:Universal Access:Mouse & Trackpad:Trackpad Options

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