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Restore Lion Server from Time Machine backup System 10.7
Apple has published a technical note explaining how to restore Lion Server from a Time Machine backup. This process involves booting from a Recovery partition, and using a couple of Terminal commands.

Apple points out that:

"Lion Server also includes a process called ServerBackup which works with Time Machine. ServerBackup performs daily backups of Open Directory (if it is enabled) and the Postgres databases used by the Address Book, iCal, Podcast, Profile Manager, and Wiki services. These daily backups are included in the Time Machine backup of Lion Server. ServerBackup also takes part in the restoration of server services, running during the first startup after a server has been restored, and restoring server services and databases into place after the server has started up."

This is good to know if you're running Lion Server and use Time Machine. Personally, I would feel safer having a clone of my drive; if running a server, I'd update the clone every hour, and this is much easier to recover, as you can boot from the clone.
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Update for Mac OS 10.7
Authored by: jerrykrinock on Mar 21, '12 09:55:41AM


Edited on Mar 21, '12 09:57:45AM by jerrykrinock

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Restore Lion Server from Time Machine backup
Authored by: lurch99 on Mar 21, '12 12:31:29PM

Kirk, what clone tool/method are you suggesting?

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Restore Lion Server from Time Machine backup
Authored by: giskard22 on Mar 21, '12 01:57:57PM

Cloning a booted system is a lousy way to make a backup. There is no way to guarantee that the data on disk is current. This is especially true of anything that uses a database -- you never know when changes are actually flushed to disk except when you shut down the service.

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Restore Lion Server from Time Machine backup
Authored by: agentx on Mar 22, '12 05:57:31AM

I also agree that a server clone is nice for a quick way to backup/restore but it does not work for your OD and Postgres Databases very well and can lead to corruption. I personally do not use Time Machine that much as it has been a car crash with servers in the past...once bitten twice shy. I know there have been improvements with Lion but we have always used scripts for OD, MySQL (now Postgres in Lion) and Crashplan for data. I have had TM with Lion Server on but yet to do any test restores ;-)

So really saying that i use more than one way to backup the data/settings as i just cannot trust TM...yet.

I am also looking into the serverbackup command as a backup mechanism for settings to replace the very useful python script that i have been using on my 10.6 servers.

An interesting article for further reading for you sysadmins

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Restore Lion Server from Time Machine backup
Authored by: msteveb on Mar 28, '12 03:51:55PM

I've used time machine restore to migrate Lion Server from one machine to another a couple of times. It "just works".

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