10.7: A warning about Finder's 'Replace' feature

Feb 22, '12 07:30:00AM

Contributed by: Anonymous

If you have a folder that contains a file with the same name, and drag the file into the same location as the folder, the Finder may try to delete both items.

To reproduce this:

Result: Both the folder and the file are deleted.

Do the same sequence, except choose 'Keep Both Files.' Same result.

[crarko adds: Okay, this one half worked when I tried it in 10.7.3. With 'Replace,' both file and folder were indeed deleted. I also tried it with other items remaining inside the folder, and in that case everything inside the folder was also deleted. A potential disaster.

In the 'Keep Both Files' case, the folder was untouched and the file was renamed to 'test copy' when I moved it and 'test 2' when I copied it.

In any event, it's worth knowing that some potentially dangerous behavior is present in this function so there are no nasty surprises.]

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