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iOS 5: Safari Private Browsing iOS devices
iOS 5 introduced Private Browsing, which can be set via Settings » Safari.

To tell whether you have Private Browsing turned on when using Safari on an iOS device, the chrome around the browser window will be black. When Private Browsing is turned off, it's the standard bluish-gray.

[crarko adds: A useful find, and I admit I hadn't noticed the addition. I always used a third party browser if I wanted this feature.]
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Authored by: slb on Dec 15, '11 09:33:37AM

Apple still doesn't offer Private Browsing as a preference in Mac OS. Why? What do they have against this feature?
It should be a sticky preference, period.

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Authored by: BiL Castine on Dec 15, '11 10:39:02AM

Private browsing has been a feature of Safari for quite some time, going back at least to Safari 4.x and maybe earlier. Look under the "Safari" menu for "Private Browsing". It doesn't make sense to implement private browsing as a system-wide preference since that would give the impression that all Internet traffic is private.

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Seriously? X2!
Authored by: slb on Dec 15, '11 12:23:26PM

Seriously? Did you read my post? STICKY PREF. That means I don't have to select it every single time I launch Safari. Other browsers all do this. Please, read carefully.

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Seriously? X2!
Authored by: chabig on Dec 15, '11 01:07:48PM

Which ones? The only other browser I have is Chrome, and it's not sticky there.

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Seriously? X2!
Authored by: BiL Castine on Dec 15, '11 04:39:07PM
According to Macworld, Safari's Safe Browsing mode doesn't block cookies or web bugs, so it's likely not doing what the name implies. If you're concerned about your activity being tracked, take a look at the MacWorld article Protect your privacy: browse the Web safely.

If just being sure Safe Browsing is turned on makes you happy, try launching Safari with an AppleScript:
tell application "Safari" to activate
tell application "System Events"
tell process "Safari"
click menu item "New Window" of menu "File" of menu bar 1
click menu item "Private Browsing" of menu "Safari" of menu bar 1
end tell
end tell

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iOS 5: Safari Private Browsing
Authored by: morespace54 on Dec 15, '11 10:11:43AM

I haven't tried private browsing in iOS5 but as a bit of caution, I use it most of the time on my Mac and if I don't quit Safari for a few days, which is quite often, (even when no windows are open) the memory, swap space and battery go down pretty fast. Although, I don't know how they handle that on iOS. I sure hope they did a better job on Safari mobile than on regular Safari.

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