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New poll about iCloud Site News
I've posted a new poll about your thoughts on iCloud usage. I'm sure the list of answers is not exhaustive, so please vote for the closest option but put other plans you may have in the comments section.

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New poll about iCloud
Authored by: agentx on Nov 28, '11 08:06:19AM

I know there are ways to get iCloud working with 10.6 (Mail, iCal, Contacts) but just wish Apple would add limited iCloud support for these services to Snow Leopard with an incremental update. They can do it ! but will they....there were rumors they would. I have loads of users who use MobileMe who will not be upgrading to Lion ( FCPS,Logic, AVID etc workstations) they will be a bit screwed soon and the thought of having to set them all up manually using a "hack" is giving me a headache. All their iOS devices are on 5.01 and they really rely on sync nirvana to keep them in order ;-)

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New poll about iCloud
Authored by: S Barman on Nov 28, '11 08:10:51AM

I am not using iCloud and do not plan to use it because it is not available under Snow Leopard. Currently, I have a custom program that requires Rosetta and since Rosetta is not supported under Lion, I cannot upgrade until I replace that program. Yes, I know I could use hacks to get iCloud working with Snow Leopard and that there is a hack to get Rosetta working on Lion, but I don't have the patience for this right now--I have real work to do. If Apple cannot support me, I will not use their service. In the meantime, my money is going to DropBox for the cloud space!

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New poll about iCloud
Authored by: da2357 on Nov 28, '11 08:50:17AM

I voted that I'm currently using iCloud to share Contacts and iCal, but I had already linked (ln -s) my iCloud folder with my Dropbox iCloud sub-folder in order to have access to other PDFs and documents. While I already have all files backed up daily, I will only slowly add/move files to this shared/synced folder as need be and as iCloud matures.

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Problems with iCloud
Authored by: rmigneron on Nov 28, '11 02:05:34PM


First problem, I can't get back my address --> So Mail is a no go.

Second problem, You can't give your domain to Apple for them to manage and give you an experience like the Google Apps for Domain.

Third BIG problem, the compression ratio of music. 256 Kpbs is really lousy for classical music. And I'm not about to pay for music storage, not ever ! I already paid dearly for the CDs ... and the time it took to rip them to ALAC. Music is a No Go too.

So in the end, iCloud in its current form is useless to me.



Richard Migneron
iChat ID:
"It doesn't work, because the Buttons & controls can't change !",
Steve Jobs, MacWorld 2007 K

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New poll about iCloud
Authored by: davidduff on Nov 28, '11 02:56:53PM

i would use icloud for calendar and contact sharing (as i have used .mac and mobileme for years) but i can't seem to get calendar or contact sharing to work on my main mac (because it's running snow leopard, which has no "direct" icloud support and i can't seem to find work-arounds that let me get around this). my mobileme account has been "upgraded" to icloud, so i can access my data from my iphone (running IOS 5.x) but not from my laptop (running 10.6.x).

i would use icloud for the "find my friends" but my friends (family, actually) haven't upgraded their accounts from mobileme to icloud so this feature is not really very useful to me right now.

i would like to use it for photostream - i have this enabled on my phone, however i can't view the photostream on my mac because even though it has the latest version of iphoto (supposedly with photostream support), my mac doesn't "support" icould and therefore photostream.

i can't easily upgrade my mac to 10.7, because of some constraints related to my company (it's their machine, actually) and the vpn client and full disk encryption software that they use. similarly, my friends/family have various reasons for not upgrading to 10.7 including a need to keep running Quicken, and a need to access university servers via VPN.

overall this is quite an annoying situation. i wish apple would push out a release of 10.6.x which adds support for icloud.

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New poll about iCloud
Authored by: agentx on Nov 29, '11 02:16:18AM

Calendar sync works : If you want iCloud support without having to setup iCal manually you can use BusyCal which supports iCloud ( i have used this program for years and it is very good )
As far as contact sync it SHOULD all be possible as well but I have not got it to work...yet. I feel Apple's implementation of CardDAV may be a bit "special" for iCloud.

Please Apple just get this working on Snow with the handy iCloud System Preference.

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What's the big deal?
Authored by: Mr. Zooterpust on Nov 29, '11 05:15:23AM

I guess I don't understand iCloud and don't want to take the time to learn it. It's installed on my iMacs, but what's it offer that DropBox doesn't? I started using DropBox awhile back and love it. I even set up folders for others that I can drop items into so they can retrieve the files. And anything that I add to DropBox appears on all of my computers so long as they have an Internet connection. Does iCloud do all of that? Is there an iCloud folder? I don't see if if there is. I think maybe iCloud offers more free storage space, but I'm not sure it's as easy to use as DropBox.

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What's the big deal?
Authored by: agentx on Nov 29, '11 06:28:59AM

You are missing the point...... iCloud is a collection of services not just "Cloud File Storage" . Some of us used to pay a premium price for Over the Air - Contact & Calendar sync from Desktop/iOS devices this is now free (Lion & iOS5 required). Dropbox is an amazing product/service and iCloud is in its does what it does "at the moment" but Apple could implement all the features of DB if they wanted too. There is a folder that syncs across all your iCloud enabled devices. Photostream is part of service....find my Mac/iOS device etc..... comparing Dropbox and iCloud is chalk and cheese.

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New poll about iCloud
Authored by: macnamarasband on Nov 29, '11 06:01:43AM

Find the calendar and address book syncing good ( but no better than mobile me) and really appreciate photo stream. (has allowed me to get rid of one app). Very disappointed with document syncing - iWork's seems to be an add on / after thought rather than fully integrated. Particularly don't like the need to consciously upoad and download docs- or am I missing something. The promotional blurb gives me the impression it syncs automatically albeit on an application by application basis. I had found disc so unreliable that I had stopped using and had set up dropbox with I find good. Wont replace it until iCloud doc syncing can match it

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No ICloud, yet
Authored by: KenJohnso on Nov 29, '11 06:11:18AM

I'm currently stuck at 10.6.x on my Macs, with no iCloud support. I'm using MobileMe, and will move to iCloud when Apple makes it available for 10.6. Otherwise, I'll simply move everything to Google next year. I would only use it for sync... DropBox works just fine for cloud storage and sharing.

Not very happy that Apple has not provided a path for loyal customers (4 Macs, 2 iPhone-4s, iPad, and iPod touch).

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New poll about iCloud
Authored by: stephen.m on Nov 29, '11 06:30:27AM

I use iCloud for mail, contacts and calendars. But there’s something confusing and non-intuitive about iCloud that keeps me from going all in. At least in the short-term, I don’t want iCloud anywhere near my music.

I have no issues with Mail, But after switching from MobileMe to iCloud, I noticed that calendar events and contacts appeared twice in their respective readers. Upon investigation, I discovered separate groupings—“All iCloud” and “On My Mac”—in my desktop Calendar and Contacts apps.

If I changed a contact on my Mac, the iCloud version didn’t change with it, and vice versa—a recipe for disaster. I turned off the On My Mac versions in both apps, and make all my desktop additions and changes in the All iCloud versions.

So far, syncing through the ‘Cloud to my iPad seems fine for all three apps. I have no idea why there’s an On My Mac version. It must serve a purpose, else why does it exist? But I haven’t figured out what that purpose is. More will eventually be revealed, undoubtedly. Until then, I’m tiptoeing through the ‘Cloud.

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New poll about iCloud
Authored by: plaidflannel on Nov 29, '11 06:39:40AM

I live in an area (southern Colorado) where high speed Internet is not available and cell phone connectivity is very spotty and unreliable. So none of the various cloud services are of much use. I'm also running OS X 10.6 on my desktop machine and 10.4 on my laptop. I do not have an iPhone or iPad.

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New poll about iCloud
Authored by: Murray_A on Nov 29, '11 07:39:42AM

I had SO looked forward to iCloud. I hated having to delete mail from the MacBook...then doing the same from my iPad....and again on my BlackBerry (and was ready to get my new iPhone). Unfortunately it is not ALL mail that gets zapped across the board in iCloud... only that in the Mac Mail program. Grrrrr...
The other thing I'm not excited about.. is I get on my iPad double and triple entries in the iCal from the Sync process. When I had the PC and the BB phone, sync would ask which takes precedence, the laptop OR the phone. Moving to Mac... it seems that they just copy from one to the other and duplicate.
NOT overly impressed!

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New poll about iCloud
Authored by: WadeHM on Nov 30, '11 02:07:53PM

I'm curious about a few things regarding iCloud. Are items physically stored somewhere like the old Mobile Me? How secure is it? Right now I only use it for non-sensitive email, contacts, and calendar events/reminders. Seems to me like things are too vulnerable to prying eyes. Private stuff I would only keep on my computer or iPad for that reason.

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