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iOS 5: Save some Home button clicks iOS devices
We all know that the Home button is heavily used in iOS multi-tasking and app management. But at least some clicks can be saved under iOS 5.x.

With iOS 5 and its Notification Center, you'll be able to perform fewer Home button clicks.

Once you're satisfied with the multitask bar management or and icon moves or rearranging in the SpringBoard, there is no need to push the Home button as a last step. Just start to open (not completely) the Notification Drawer and let it go back to the top of the screen, and the edit mode will end.

Not a major hint, but maybe a longer lifespan for the Home button.

[crarko adds: I tested this, and it works as described. That button is one of the few moving parts of an iOS device, so it's subject to wearing out eventually. I haven't heard of one doing so, but I'm sure it must have happened to somebody.]
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iOS 5: Save some Home button clicks
Authored by: IHateScreenNames on Nov 30, '11 07:56:09AM

Funny you should mention that 'cause my Home button is wearing out. I have an iPhone 4, picked up on release day June 24, 2010 and within the last month or so I've started having some trouble with it. Sometimes it doesn't register clicks and I have to keep pressing it until it will finally register. Other times it works like normal. So, a hint like this comes in handy for me now and in the future when I have a new phone and want that button to last longer.

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iOS 5: Save some Home button clicks
Authored by: Jwink3101 on Nov 30, '11 08:37:53AM

My home button wore out or at least required a very hard push and then only worked sometimes. Of course, that is why I have a warrenty

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iOS 5: Save some Home button clicks
Authored by: applemandesign on Nov 30, '11 10:09:57AM

cheap investment when it is needed...

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iOS 5: Save some Home button clicks
Authored by: DeltaTee on Nov 30, '11 10:41:30AM

My home button didn't wear out, but it did get to the point where it stopped working. Current theory is that gap between the plastic of the button and the screen allows for the trapping of pocket lint, which eventually builds up underneath the button, keeping it from being able to trigger the micro-switch underneath it.

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iOS 5: Save some Home button clicks
Authored by: dvdsbr on Nov 30, '11 11:31:53AM

The Home button on my old iPhone 4 did start to wear out. I started having to press it two or more times for it to be recognized, and it slowly got worse. I took it to my Apple store and the Genius said it was a known issue on that phone (none of my earlier iPhones had this problem), and he gave me a new replacement phone.

I've got a 4S now, but still keep the 4 around. Funny thing is, the Home button on the replacement iPhone 4 is again starting to misbehave sporadically.

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iOS 5: Save some Home button clicks
Authored by: TheCase on Nov 30, '11 12:33:15PM

I just had to replace mine on my iPhone 4. It would work maybe 50% of the time. So annoying.

New Home button part: $4
The pain that was involved with taking apart the entire phone to get to that home button: priceless

I am happy with a fully functioning phone again. Any way to help my new home button last longer than 9 months will be welcome. Thanks for the tip.

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iOS 5: Save some Home button clicks
Authored by: SeanAhern on Nov 30, '11 05:24:31PM

With the advent of multitouch gestures for the OS, the only time I ever touch the home button on my iPad is when I need to rearrange app icons. Everything else cabe handled by a gesture. Very cool!

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