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Easily import Android photos into iPhoto Apps
I have an iMac and a Droid, and it was a huge pain trying to get my Droid's pictures into iPhoto until I discovered this. All you need is an iPad and the program Bump.

Here are the steps:
  • Take some new pictures on the Android device.
  • Run Bump on the Android and on your iPad, and set the Android to share your new pictures.
  • Bump the devices. The iPad automatically places the new pictures into Photo Stream, which means they should also be in iPhoto almost immediately.

[crarko adds: Bump is a very useful app. It runs on iPhone as well; I didn't know there was an Android version. This is a clever use for it.]
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Easily import Android photos into iPhoto
Authored by: emale on Nov 09, '11 08:36:27AM

If you own an eyeFi-Card: Install the eyeFi-App on your Android device and new photos will be transferred to your mac when entering the home WLAN.
Or signup for a dropbox account. There you have to move all new taken photos manually to, but you don't need an iPad or eyeFi-Card.

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Easily import Android photos into iPhoto
Authored by: paulw on Nov 09, '11 09:09:21AM

I've been using the awesome android app Cheetahsync, which lets you set up and sync any number of folders between your computer (mac or pc) and your android device, either or both directions, over wifi. The same dev also makes isyncr wifi, which syncs itunes playlists but also has an option to upload new photos and videos from your phone to your computer.

My problem is I haven't been able to get folder actions working consistently in order to automatically import any synced photos automatically into iPhoto. Any advice there would be appreciated!

Edited on Nov 09, '11 09:10:04AM by paulw

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Easily import Android photos into iPhoto
Authored by: postglock on Nov 09, '11 01:55:45PM

Or, if you want to store files in Dropbox, use (free) DropSync to sync /mnt/sdcard/DCIM . This has the advantage of backing up your photos (to the cloud) even if you are not in wifi range of your main computer.

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Easily import Android photos into iPhoto
Authored by: hrk on Nov 09, '11 12:35:46PM

Or you could just install the Camera DCIM app from the Android Market.

It's the standard Camera app with proper support for the DCIM standard (which is what makes iPhoto recognize and show the pictures in your digital camera).

Let's be clear here: I am the developer and the app costs 0.99$. Before you think this is spam, however, know that I sent the "bug fix" to Google long ago and nobody cared to reply. All the source code is available on github and I welcome you to download it, compile it and install it by yourself on your own phone without moving a penny (just remember to enable "External sources" or you won't be able to install your own apk).

The 0.99$ is just a shortcut if you want it ready at your fingertips.

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Easily import Android photos into iPhoto
Authored by: saxphile on Nov 09, '11 02:17:17PM

Bump also reduces the size of the photos, so if you want full size photos, you will still have to use one of the other methods mentioned in the comments.

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Need an "Add to iPhoto..." folder
Authored by: leamanc on Nov 10, '11 08:50:42AM

It would be neato if Apple would create an "Add to iPhoto Automatically" folder, like the one they have for iTunes. I have a Mac mini hooked to my HDTV/home theater, and all of the music files that me and the rest of the family collect get copied to the folder that adds to the mini's iTunes automatically (the folder is shared via AFP and SMB). This way, everyone's music is in the home theater system, plus we've got extra copies in case the original files get lost for whatever reason.

We used to just use a generic shared folder as a dumping ground for music, connect to the mini via VNC, and from there drop the audio files into iTunes. The new method is obviously a lot faster. If Apple would implement a similar folder for iPhoto, it would seem to solve a lot of various issues that people have with getting their photos into iPhoto with little manual effort.

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Easily import Android photos into iPhoto
Authored by: calum on Nov 10, '11 05:30:21PM

"All you need is an iPad" assumes you have a few hundred bucks handy to solve the problem :)

Is it really that hard to get photos from a Droid into iPhoto? With my Android phone, I just connect the phone to my Mac via USB, it mounts on the desktop, and iPhoto recognises it as a camera and presents me with the Import page. That's actually less hassle than my Kodak point and shoot camera, which I always have to pop the SD card out of and slot into my MBP's card reader before iPhoto will recognise it.

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