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Restore 'Open with Preview' while viewing PDFs in Safari Web Browsers
In previous versions of Safari, one could right click on a PDF being viewed in Safari and there was an option to 'Open with Preview.' In version 5.1, this functionality had seemingly disappeared.

I searched the web to see if I could find an answer to restoring the pre-5.1 behavior, but couldn't find anything. Fortunately, I stumbled upon the answer by accident: In the new version, to have that option enabled in the contextual menu, you have to have something selected. So if you're viewing a PDF and want it opened in Preview instead of Safari, just hit Cmd+A or 'Select All' from the Edit menu, now right-clicking shows you the 'Open with Preview' option again.

Why Apple changed this, I don't know, but I find it bizarre and arbitrary because this action that used to take a mouse click and movement to perform now takes a key combination plus a mouse click and movement.

But I find most of my time spent screwing around with computers these days is spent trying to restore functionality that used to be efficient and rapid, but has changed with a software update to be less so.

[crarko adds: I tested this, and it works as described. It is annoying when functionality disappears (or is hidden) for no apparent reason.]
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Restore 'Open with Preview' while viewing PDFs in Safari
Authored by: prachigauriar on Nov 08, '11 08:08:15AM

Or you could just hover your mouse over the bottom center of the window and click on the Preview icon.

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Restore 'Open with Preview' while viewing PDFs in Safari
Authored by: fud on Nov 10, '11 12:25:22PM

Unfortunately saving from the PDF popup in Safari changes the Created Date. Option clicking the PDF in the Activity window downloads the PDF, as does pasting the path into the Downloads popup [the menu I wish I could tear off, or just leave open like in the past]. Now if we could just turn OFF PDF viewing in Safari.

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Restore 'Open with Preview' while viewing PDFs in Safari
Authored by: kbundies on Nov 08, '11 08:27:58AM

there is an other way:
While watching a PDF in Safari hover with your mouse to the bottom area of that Safari window. You will find a gray pop up, which offers you f.e. print, email, download and even “Open in Preview”.
Strange thing I found though is, that all PDFs behave in a different way. There are even PDFs showing the same behaviour as in earlier Safari versions (.i.e. showing the Preview option in a context menu)

Edited on Nov 08, '11 08:29:04AM by kbundies

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Restore 'Open with Preview' while viewing PDFs in Safari
Authored by: sabi on Nov 08, '11 08:31:50AM
This is pretty clearly a bug; worth reporting. You don't need to Select All; if you just right-click on a word in the PDF (not an image), then it'll select the word and bring up the corresponding contextual menu.

There's also the toolbar that appears when you hover over the bottom center of a PDF view in Safari; you can click the Preview icon there to open the PDF in Preview.

An image is here, since I seem to be unable to post it inline.

Edited on Nov 08, '11 08:33:15AM by sabi

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Restore 'Open with Preview' while viewing PDFs in Safari
Authored by: cellmaker on Jun 11, '12 09:18:57AM

It's also possible you've installed a plug-in that is overriding the webkit pdf viewer. I had this issue when I installed Adobe Acrobat Reader because of some unusual version problem preventing me from viewing certain pdf's in Safari.

At any rate, the Adobe viewer took over within Safari, not only bogging down my browser absurdly but killing the "Open with Preview" option. I disabled the Adobe plugins and things snapped back to life and restored the option to Open with Preview. No weird Command-A stuff needed.

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