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10.7: Launchpad - Organize by folders System 10.7
As we all know Launchpad in Lion behaves like iOS on our iPhone and iPad devices.

To create and organize folders on your Mac using Launchpad, open Launchpad then hold down the Option key and while your apps are shaking you can create and organize them to desired folders.

Just makes it easy, hope you find the tip helpful.

[crarko adds: This points up a divide we may see amongst Mac users; if you use iOS something like this feels natural to do, and obvious. If you don't use iOS, I imagine this behavior is a bit odd, and you may not think of it. I still have reservations about the mixed metaphors of Lion, although fortunately none of them are required to make good use of the system.]
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10.7: Launchpad - Organize by folders
Authored by: mrboma on Dec 16, '11 08:08:19AM

Launch Pad is dumb. I already have my apps arranged into folders in the finder. Why doesn't Launch Pad recognize and use that organization? Why should I have to re-do what I have already done? Apple really dropped the ball on this one.

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10.7: Launchpad - Organize by folders
Authored by: makip on Dec 28, '11 01:33:06AM

There are is a minus to the approach Apple have taken with Launchpad: users such as yourself who like to organise their apps into subfolders have to either avoid using Launchpad or perform this organisation in two places.

However I think the way they have implemented it provides for more flexibility, especially in multi-user systems. On my accountís Launchpad I can arrange and group the app icons any way I like, even delete them, and know that all the apps I have will still be found listed under the root Applications folder. Other users of the system can also do the same without impacting how my Launchpad looks.

Aside from this flexibly I have found it was still best to avoid moving apps into sub folders for two reasons. The firstly is that while apps generally did behave themselves after a move, and it was only the occasional one that was poorly coded and didnít function properly in a sub folder, it was still a change that impacted all users of the system and it could be confusing to impose my own app movement and groupings on other users. The second reason is that nowadays many of my apps come from the Mac App Store. I find the App Storís installation process makes the appís folder read-only, with app updates performed from the App Store updates tab. Iíd prefer not to move them and break this model.

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10.7: Launchpad - Organize by folders
Authored by: fresler on Dec 16, '11 08:26:45AM

I've never had to hold down the option key to organize my apps into folders. I just drag and drop one app on top of another one and a folder is created. Or am I missing the point of this hint? Quite possible! And I LOVE Launchpad. I find it very useful!

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10.7: Launchpad - Organize by folders
Authored by: sugarquay on Dec 16, '11 08:35:03AM

Just click & drag Launchpad icons around, into & out of folders, on top of each other to create folders etc. - there's no need to use the Option key whilst doing so.

Holding the Option key is only useful if you wish to delete an app downloaded from the App Store, as it reveals the little 'x' on the icons for such apps.

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10.7: Launchpad - Organize by folders
Authored by: astack on Dec 16, '11 12:31:21PM

I have had a tremendous amount of trouble clicking and dragging these icons around using a trackpad on a macbook air which has no separate trackpad button but the button is the trackpad. Especially difficult is when you are dragging an app from the second page to the first, you often "drop" the app by mistake. By placing the apps in permanently moveable state, it will make life much easier to rectify this because you can just swipe using three fingers to get it to the correct location instead of clicking and waiting for a dropped app to move it to the correct location.

This is a great hint!!

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10.7: Launchpad - Organize by folders
Authored by: mac_fanatic on Jan 19, '12 11:37:52AM

I use keep my thumb on the button of the trackpad and use my pointer finger to scroll and drag. Maybe this will help you.

I have seen many people struggle because they either do not use there thumb or they try and use 2 hands.

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10.7: Launchpad - Organize by folders
Authored by: Mike Perry on Dec 18, '11 07:17:34AM

Borma is right. Launch Pad looks pretty, but it's far too much trouble to organize, even using this clever folder technique. I organize my iPhone screens, because that's the only option I have. But OS X offers much better options, in my case folders and subfolders in the Dock, organizing Launch Pad isn't worth the trouble.

The key problem is that Apple's UI staff now think we're too stupid to use folders and increasingly the only way they're offering us to find things is either a clumsy search mechanism or a pain-to-set-up Launch Pad. Better design would have perhaps a dozen well-defined subfolders inside the Applications folder, with developers required to specify which one their app is assigned. That'd end the current glut of apps in the root Application folder. Those same subfolders could then named pages in Launch Pad with no labor by users.

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10.7: Launchpad - Organize by folders
Authored by: firedune on Dec 20, '11 03:19:57PM

Launchpad Control can help you hide and show: pages, groups and individual apps.
very useful to help organizing the launchpad

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10.7: Launchpad - Organize by folders
Authored by: firedune on Dec 20, '11 03:38:20PM

In the past (on Snow Leopard) I used Overflow as an app launcher.
I have some "selected" apps in different Overflow "areas"Ö to get to any of those apps I used a keyboard command to activate Overflow (also clickable menu item) and a maximum of two clicks (one to change area if not the default one) to access the added apps

the problem was that if an app was not added to any of those areas then I have to search them with spotlight or browse the apps folder.

So there was a very delicate process of choosing of which apps where needed to have an easy access, but not used very frequent to dedicate a dock space.

Now with Lauchpad, I use a gesture to access any "semi-special apps" (on launchpad first page), and two clicks for "any other app" (either second page or in a container).
Love it.

(english not my mother language, sorry for any grammar errors)

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10.7: Launchpad - Gesture Activation
Authored by: firedune on Dec 20, '11 03:47:20PM
TIP: you can activate the launchpad with a four fingers pinch gesture
(pinch with thumb and three fingers)

you may need to activate this option in System Preferences->Trackpad->More Gestures

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