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10.7: Drag windows between desktops System 10.7
In Lion, you can drag windows between desktops without going in to Mission Control.

Create a few new desktops in Mission Control if you don't already have them. (Launch Mission Control, then move your cursor to the top-right corner of the screen and click in the big +.)

Go to a desktop where there is an open application window.

Drag that window to the edge of the screen, and the screen will slide to the next desktop. You can keep dragging it through your desktops if you keep it against the edge; it will shift one desktop per second.

When you've reached the desktop where you want to put that window, release it and position it as you want. Note that this won't cycle through to the beginning or end of your desktops. In other words, if you have three desktops, and move a window to the right-most desktop, you can't bring it back to the first one by moving it to the right again.

[kirkmc adds: I had never noticed this, because I invoke Mission Control using a hot corner, and move windows like that. This is similar to the way you move app icons on iOS devices]
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10.7: Drag Windows Between Desktops
Authored by: arcticmac on Mar 01, '12 08:02:19AM

So, sorta like how it's been since spaces was introduced in... 10.5 was it? Only now it only works in a line because they decided that I should have to take the most inefficient route possible if switching between many desktops instead of being able to lay them out as a grid. Sigh.

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10.7: Drag Windows Between Desktops
Authored by: neier on Mar 01, '12 01:37:53PM

Not sure about 10.5; but, in 10.6, you can drag to a corner and if you have a grid of spaces, it would move diagonally to the next one.

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10.7: Drag Windows Between Desktops
Authored by: totallyGreg on Mar 01, '12 08:15:29AM

You can also grab a window by the title bar drag it slightly so that you "have it" then type command-# to go directly to that desktop.

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10.7: Drag Windows Between Desktops
Authored by: David Allen on Mar 02, '12 01:33:40PM

I am not having success with this with Command + Space#, but as posted in the comment below, it works with Control + Space#

Dah•veed |David Allen|
Monterrey, NL, Mexico

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10.7: Drag Windows Between Desktops
Authored by: cerberusss on Mar 01, '12 08:19:37AM

Coming from Linux, I just accepted this as a natural feature.

However, what I think is fastest, is to click and hold on the titlebar of any window, then use shortcut keys to switch desktops.

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10.7: Drag Windows Between Desktops
Authored by: Jwink3101 on Mar 01, '12 09:42:23AM

This is a nice feature I didn't know about. It brings me slightly closer to liking Mission Control. I still miss spaces though. The ability to drag windows into any space from one view (not having to switch to the other space to do it) is sorely missed. It is not the end of the world, but I do miss it.

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10.7: Drag Windows Between Desktops
Authored by: scottbayes on Mar 01, '12 06:51:25PM

Treating your leftmost window as #1 (not sure if Dashboard usurps this when it's set up as a Desktop):

- go to the Desktop containing the window you want to move, and click and hold on the window's title bar (not on the proxy icon in the top center)

- hold Control and hit the digit for the Desktop to which you'd like to move the window

You'll be whisked away to that Desktop, baggage in hand. Think Harry Potter. Portkey. Flue powder.

You may need to set up keyboard shortcuts to enable this--I forget what the default was: System Preferences > Keyboard, Keyboard Shortcuts tab, category Mission Control in the left column, "Switch to Desktop " items on the right. If ^1 takes you to Desktop 1, then click-and-holding on a window's titlebar and typing ^1 will teleport that window to Desktop 1.

I haven't found a way to move more than 1 window at a time this way, unfortunately, but for 1 or 2 windows it's quicker than the other techniques.

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10.7: Drag windows between desktops
Authored by: DenJansen on May 02, '13 11:21:41PM

Okay, well these tips (except using Mission Control to move windows around) didn't work for me...but they accidentally led me to the solution everyone's looking for:

Click and Hold the window you want to move. Hold the Ctrl button. Drag the window to the edge of the screen until it moves the window to a new desktop. Drop the window and release the Ctrl button. Boom. Done.

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