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Dashboard Doesn't Lock (Feature or Security Issue?) System
I have three external monitors hooked up to my MacBook Pro. One is connected via the Mini DisplayPort, and two are connected via the USB port using a Kensington USB to Display adapter.

When the OSX Dashboard is open, it opens on all three monitors. My computer is set to sleep after 10 minutes of inactivity, and a password is required to log back in.

I noticed that when the login box appears on the main monitor, the second and third monitor still show the OSX Dashboard! I can interact with the Dashboard (move/close widgets) even though my computer should be locked.

I was under the impression that when the computer is in the locked state, you would need a password to access any information or make any changes. For some reason, the Dashboard (on the second and third monitor) remains accessible even though the computer is 'locked.'

This would seem to be a security issue. However, it could be classified as a feature as it could be helpful to be able to leave the Dashboard up on an external monitor and allow people to use it without having to log in.

[crarko adds: I don't have a setup approximating this to test with. I would surmise that this is connected to the drivers for the USB Display Adapter, and that Kensington, Apple, or an intrepid 3rd-party developer could write a driver that would change this behavior. If someone else with this setup could confirm the behavior is repeatable, please post in the comments.]
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Dashboard Doesn't Lock (Feature or Security Issue?)
Authored by: Geobunny on Sep 15, '11 07:52:01AM

Locking the screen works correctly for me on my second monitor (connected via Thunderbolt/Mini Display Connector) - ie. no access to anything at all until my password is entered.

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Dashboard Doesn't Lock (Feature or Security Issue?)
Authored by: grouch on Sep 15, '11 08:02:04AM

mine locks fine however the non-main monitors are pure white instead of having a background. this is bahavior new to lion and it looks terrible.

does apple just hate (and not test) multi-monitor setups?

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Dashboard Doesn't Lock (Feature or Security Issue?)
Authored by: BMarsh on Sep 19, '11 06:43:11PM

weird, mine are a darker fill, not white at all. Very strange.

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Dashboard Doesn't Lock (Feature or Security Issue?)
Authored by: czszsz on Sep 15, '11 01:51:16PM

I can reproduce this on 2010 MacBook Pro with Dell 2009W as a main monitor and original apple MiniDisplay--> VGA adapter.

Dell is a main monitor.
I have dragged some widgets to secondary monitor including address book search.
I have dashboard as a space.
Activate screen saver via hot corner when I'm *IN* a dashboard space.
When prompt for password to unlock computer I can interact with widgets including browsing address book.

BTW mission control sucks when you work with two display arrangement. For example when I try to drag a window from one desktop to another I can only do this within the same screen.

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Dashboard Doesn't Lock (Feature or Security Issue?)
Authored by: jodi on Sep 15, '11 02:26:51PM

I can confirm this.

I have a MacBook Pro hooked up to an external display using the DVI connector. The external display is my main screen (the one with the menu bar).
When I switch to Dashboard and lock the screen (using an active corner) and try to get back in again the password prompt appears on the main screen and covers it completely. However the laptop display still shows the Dashboard and any widgets on it and those widgets can be used as normal.

Even if they interact with other applications! However, when you do anything that would cause you to leave Dashboard (for example click on a link that would open in a browser) the screen is properly locked again. And you can't even get back to the dashboard by canceling the login, letting the screen go to sleep again and then trying it again.
However, you might see a faint of the slide animation showing how the dashboard slides away and to another Desktop. Also whatever action you caused there is executed. So the link you clicked is actually opened in the browser, although you can't see it.
I also have a calendar widget, which show events for the current date. It can also open iCal to show the events in iCal. Clicking the link to open ical works as well and opens iCal (and before you see it, the screen is locked).

So I'd say it's a bug since it's not consistent (after doing anything that would leave the dashboard the screen is locked and you can't get back to the Dashboard) and a security issue.

Any other system shortcuts (like Expose or Control-Left to switch to another desktop) do not work by the way. They just do nothing.

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Dashboard Doesn't Lock (Feature or Security Issue?)
Authored by: BMarsh on Sep 19, '11 06:41:49PM

Can't reproduce on my Mac Pro with 3 monitors (my main screen on Radeon HD 5770, the other 2 on a GeForce 8800).
Tested with dashboard as the overlay and as a space (one of the new Lion features that I normally have disabled)

once my screensaver kicks in, it shows on all 3 displays and is still showing when I go to log back in.

If I have the screen sleep instead of screen saver kick in, when I wake it up, it has the login info on the main screen only, and the other 2 screens are blank.


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