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How to clean Apple Mighty Mouse video Other Hardware
This hint points to a really in-depth, hi-resolution take-apart tutorial (on Youtube) about opening, cleaning and closing a dirty wireless Apple Mighty Mouse, presented in English. This is the way to do it after you've tried cleaning the ball from the outside 100 times. Save your mouse from the scrap heap.

Here's the link.

[crarko adds: We've run other hints on this before, and it's been quite a popular topic. A video tutorial seems like a good follow-up.]
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How to clean Apple Mighty Mouse video
Authored by: asura on Oct 05, '11 09:03:50AM
As a suggestion, I'd probably NOT use a metal screwdriver to pry the clips off the connector btwn the top case and the main board inside the mouse (starting at 1:16 of the video) slip and scratch on the board could result in a dead mouse...

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How to clean Apple Mighty Mouse video
Authored by: barryjaylevine on Oct 05, '11 11:04:39AM

The "non-functioning/partially-functioning" ball issue is a hygiene issue

1. Turn the mouse upside down so the ball faces downwards.
2. Spray a -small- amount of WD40 (through the tube they provide) upwards into the space between the ball and the plastic (letting the excess WD40 drip down away from the mouse).
3. Turn the mouse right-side up.
4. Rub a folded clean paper towel over the ball. The movement of the ball will dislodge the shmutz that is blocking the mechanism and the mouse will (ahem) "magically" begin working properly again.

You don't need much WD40. Repeat if needed.

I've done this 50 times in the last few years and it has always worked.

Two things in this world aren't overrated: MacOSX and Lemon Meringue Pie.

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How to clean Apple Mighty Mouse video
Authored by: tuppyhuh on Oct 08, '11 11:13:56PM

Please don't use WD40 on your mouse. It's oil and oil is slippery and that's the problem in the first place. Oil also attracts more dirt. The only way to really clean the scroll ball is to take it apart and get the oil and hair and lint off the little rollers inside and leave it dry.

This is maybe why the fella who uses WD40 has done it 50 times.

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How to clean Apple Mighty Mouse video
Authored by: Chas on Oct 11, '11 11:37:48AM

No, do not use WD40. There is a spray solvent that leaves no oily residue, it's perfect for this job. You can buy a spray can of "PCB Cleaner," also called by various names like Circuit Board Degreaser, etc. I bought a spray can at Radio Shack for about $12. It has a little tube so you can squirt it right down the roller ball, roll the ball around, and most of the gunk will be dissolved and cleared by the spray pressure.
I think you should always have a can of Circuit Board Cleaner around for emergencies. It's a solvent that leaves no residue, so it's good for driving out water spills and other liquids. I spilled coffee (with sugar) into my keyboard, usually that's fatal, sugar gunks up everything. I sprayed the keyboard hard with PCB Cleaner to drive out the coffee, problem solved.

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Too late
Authored by: TGV on Oct 09, '11 07:50:49AM

I've tried to follow similar instructions in the past, with disastrous results. I'm now using a Logitech mouse, less than half the price. It's a nice mouse, but way too sensitive to dirt.

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