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10.7: Quicktime Player playback speed gesture Apps
I came across this when I accidentally moved my finger on my Magic Mouse when playing back a video.

When a video is playing in Quicktime Player X if you swipe with with one finger on the Magic Mouse (or 2 fingers on the Trackpad) the playback speed can be altered.

Swiping from left to right speeds things up; right to left slows things down.

When you swipe the speed is displayed on the top left of the video and the controls popup is replaced with a simple arrow indicator with gradient lines at 2x, 4x and 8x speed up.

The speed change only happens as long as you have your finger on the surface; as soon as you release the playback resumes to 1x speed.

[crarko adds: When I tried this using the Magic Trackpad (with two fingers) what happened is that is would stop playing the video and scroll to a different spot in the timeline. But as with the Window-throwing hint, I'm willing to believe it's me fat-fingering things. Give it a try and post your results.]
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10.7: Quicktime Player playback speed gesture
Authored by: clumsy on Sep 02, '11 08:12:23AM

Well, works as described, but for some reason, that 2-finger gesture would also change the currently focussed item of the overlay controller. Normally, play/pause would be the focussed control item, so that the movie would play/pause if you hit the space bar. As a side-effect of that gesture however, you can see that the focus shifts over to another control (as indicated by the little blue line around a control item), most likely the position indicator. From now on, the space bar wouldn't pause the movie, but jump to different position, which is obviously very annoying and inconsistent.

I hope somebody can reproduce or at least explain this (I remember a time, when this behaviour did not occur to me). I've given up in the meantime and switched to VLC.

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10.7: Quicktime Player playback speed gesture
Authored by: gabester on Sep 02, '11 08:54:19AM

It worked for me. Not sure how useful this is regularly since I tend to just watch stuff on the TV from my Mac mini but it may be useful when scrubbing through looking for a particular scene or phrase.

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10.7: Quicktime Player playback speed gesture
Authored by: daybrother on Sep 02, '11 10:11:18AM

Works for me but when I stop scrolling the video stops playing as well. It stops wherever I leave it though pressing "enter" or the play button starts it up again. I am also able to jog backwards and forward via two finger drag down and up respectively on the trackpad. Cool.

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10.7: Quicktime Player playback speed gesture
Authored by: scooby509 on Sep 02, '11 03:44:38PM

Works for me. Also, a regular scrollwheel will move step through in freeze-frame.

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10.7: Quicktime Player playback speed gesture
Authored by: OmniDragon on Sep 02, '11 10:11:44PM

Yeah, this works for me. It's pretty cool, actually. It allows you to speed up playback up by a tenth of the current speed up to 8x faster than normal playback, and the same in reverse (slower speed.) Though, there is no sound when you get up to 8x faster. There is at around 5.3x regular speed. Actually, upon testing it again just now, I still get sound at around 5.8x faster, then when you want to go faster, it goes silent. At least, that's the way it is for me in the .mov that I have in there right now.

That's with H.264 video and AAC audio. Not really sure how technical you wanna get with this one. But, I was wondering how it would do in other video/audio formats with regards to still being able to hear sound at a certain speed. Maybe that just has to do with the sound/video card I have. I don't know! lol Fun to explore, though. ;)

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