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10.7: iCal Month View New Event behavior Apps
Lion's iCal changes default behavior of new event creation in Month View and creates all day events by default.

The single behavior in Lion that makes me grumble the most is the behavior in iCal when creating a new event in Month View (things work as before in day and week views). In Lion, when creating a new event by double clicking on the day the event is automatically assigned as an all day event. In most instances where an appointment is being created this will need to be changed.

The solution is that in Month view double click on the day you want to make the event on and then type 'Steve 9am' and it will correctly define an event called Steve that starts at 9am and ends one hour later.

You can even get fancy and define an event's length in the title, e.g. 'Steve 9am-2pm' and it will correctly set an event that starts at 9am and runs until 2pm.

One hour is the default length for an event, however if you would like to redefine the default length of all new events the command is:

defaults write 'Default duration in minutes for new event' 15

This makes event lengths default to 15 minutes, but you can use whatever value you wish.

[crarko adds: I tested this, and it works as described. Obviously to go back to the hour default length you can change the 15 to 60 in the above command.]
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10.7: iCal Month View New Event behavior
Authored by: Geobunny on Sep 02, '11 08:15:14AM

There's another way to achieve the same thing, which (in my opinion) is better as it involves fewer keystrokes:

After double-clicking to enter an event in month view, hit cmd-E to open the familiar editor popup which used to appear automatically. Now edit your event the same way as you would have done in the past.

Additionally, to view event details in month view without having to double-click them, go to the Edit menu -> Show/Hide Inspector (cmd-opt-I) which will leave the inspector window open at all times. Now all you have to do is single click each item, or use the keyboard to tab between individual events one at a time.

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German syntax for suggested way to create an appointment
Authored by: Strugatzki on Sep 02, '11 11:04:26AM

For my taste, having open yet another window is annoying. So I like the hint of including the actual starting and ending times within the general appointment description. Using this hint to get the automagically correct appointment in ical for german users means to use it accordingly to the hints syntax but with the german time format as in:

Steuererklaerung machen 11:00-18:00

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10.7: iCal Month View New Event behavior
Authored by: ottonomy on Sep 05, '11 03:57:51AM

I don't understand how this involves fewer keystrokes than described in the hint. If I double-click on a day while in month-view to create a new event, and then invoke the editor by using cmd-E, the new event defaults to all-day. I then have to toggle off the all-day check box using the mouse or trackpad (because there is no way to navigate to that checkbox via the keyboard), and then fill in both the start and end times below it, because they have been set to 10AM-6PM by default. The times cannot be set before unchecking all-day, because when it is checked, there are no times at all, but only beginning and ending dates. Have you actually tried your suggestion while in month-view? I was being driven mad by all the work required to fix each new event until I discovered this hint.

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10.7: iCal Month View New Event behavior
Authored by: makip on Sep 06, '11 05:34:03PM

I wouldn't say this is "fewer" keystrokes, but thanks for pointing out the Cmd-E.

I'd just double-click a day in month view and type "1pm lunch with...". But it was annoying often needing to then re-open the event I created to move it to a different calendar than default.

A combination of this hint and using your Cmd-E tip now helps me work faster.

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10.7: iCal Month View New Event behavior
Authored by: yesiamnhoj on Sep 02, '11 03:55:48PM

This is hint pretty much the same as this hint from 2 years ago.

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10.7: iCal Month View New Event behavior
Authored by: ceej on Sep 08, '11 10:18:40PM

This hint is similar to the "Create Quick Event" feature you invoke by clicking the "+" button in the top left of the window to the right of the "Calendars" button.

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10.7: iCal Month View New Event behavior
Authored by: cgjrdl on Sep 11, '11 07:28:13AM

thank you thank you thank you...

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10.7: iCal easily changing month
Authored by: jasimon9 on Sep 26, '11 08:33:38AM

The worst thing about the new iCal for me is the inability to change months by clicking on the small calendar. Since nobody else is complaining about that, I am guessing that the feature could be there and I am just missing it.

In the old iCal, to position to a different month, you would click on either the forward or backward arrow within the small calendar. I don't see those arrows anymore, and have not found a simple alternative.

So far, the only way I have seen to change months is the following:
1. click to month view
2. navigate one month at a time to the month you want (while away the seconds watching the humorous and immensely beneficially animation)
3. select the day
4. switch back to day view

The old iCal just did the job, no fuss, no muss. What am I missing?

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10.7: iCal easily changing month
Authored by: theye on Nov 28, '12 10:19:37AM

If you click the calendar button in the upper left corner of the calendar window it should open up a sidebar which will show you some small calendars that you can then click on.

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10.7: iCal easily changing month
Authored by: jasimon9 on Nov 28, '12 10:50:51AM

That is the perfect solution! I remember clicking on the "Calendars" button to see what that would do when they first redesigned iCal to Calendar in Lion. It was useless back then as I recall, just allowing the selection of "calendars" (eg, "Work", "Personal", etc.) but did not have the small calendars at the bottom.

So I never rechecked for that. But the ML version has been upgraded to restore the "clickable small calendars" function. Yay!

Now my next issue, which is with the Calendar widget in the Dashboard -- with ML they put a bug or feature in whereby dates on the calendar are not clickable, hugely reducing the usefulness of the widget. You can change months with the arrow keys, but apparently cannot change the date at all. Unless there is some hidden keystroke/mouse combination that does it.

Hugely annoying because you cannot quickly "check your calendar". You first have to open up the Calendar program, then navigate.

I have reported this bug to Apple Feedback.

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