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10.7: Throw windows while dragging Desktop
Throw windows around your Lion desktop.

The new 3-finger trackpad gesture in Lion is used to drag stuff - like moving and resizing windows, selecting text, etc.

I don't know if it's intentional or as a side effect of other gestures, but if you start dragging a window then release just one or two fingers, but not all three, then the drag will stop, but it has some inertia applied to it, much like 'normal' scrolling.

My colleague invented a new game called Window Pong -- can you throw a window from one side of your desktop to the other?

[crarko adds: OK, what I found when I tried this with the Magic Trackpad was after I started dragging a window with the three-finger drag and then let up to go to two fingers only, I could keep dragging the window indefinitely. Then if I let up again to only have one finger, it would still keep on dragging. When I went from three fingers directly to one the drag action stopped right away. I think this may have to do with the sensitivity calibration of the hardware. I'm also running 10.7.1, so the behavior may have changed if the submitter was running 10.7 at the time.]
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10.7: Throw windows while dragging
Authored by: JaxMyers on Sep 01, '11 09:05:35AM

What 3 finger gesture is used to move and resize stuff? In Lion, the only 3 finger gesture I can think of is the one used to switch between spaces.

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10.7: Throw windows while dragging
Authored by: harmless on Sep 01, '11 05:27:54PM

The easiest way to do this is to put three fingers down, but move only one of them.
So to "throw" windows, you place three fingers on the title bar and just flick with the index finger.

It's actually not just the window that moves; it's the mouse pointer. It feels a bit weird, since the pointer keeps moving even though you stopped moving your fingers.
(Tested on 10.7.1)

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10.7: Throw windows while dragging
Authored by: Steveseg on Sep 01, '11 06:15:15PM

Works as described for me in 10.7.1

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10.7: Throw windows while dragging
Authored by: faffod on Sep 01, '11 08:07:45PM

It is also useful when needing to drag long distances. Start with a three finger drag then lift one finger move it, drop it back down swipe some more, repeat until you're where you want to be...

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10.7: Throw windows while dragging
Authored by: Plato on Sep 03, '11 09:30:44AM

This also works in 10.6(.8). The option for "three-finger dragging" must be selected in the trackpad settings, of course.

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