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Use any font in Terminal Apps
Many people don't realize it, but there is no need to use a monospaced font in The reason is that, unlike most other programs that render monospaced text (including all GUI text editors and web browsers I've tried) it enforces a monospaced character width. Therefore, if you type 12345678 in one line and abcdefgh in the next line right below it, then h will align with 8 regardless of whether the font you choose is monospaced or not.

With that being said, I still actually recommend that you do use a monospaced font, like Menlo or DejaVu Sans Mono (the latter is not included with Mac OS X, but is a font very similar to Menlo but slightly better in my opinion). The reason is that these fonts are designed to be readable despite the fact that shorter characters like i and l are just as long as longer characters like w.

If you do decide to try a non-monospaced font in for whatever reason, I suggest you play with the character spacing and line spacing controls in the font settings dialog. Some fonts are over spaced, and some are under spaced, and this can fix that.

[crarko adds: Just in case you feel a strong urge to experiment with fonts in Terminal, this is a reminder that you can. Even Zapf Dingbats works.]
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Typographic Note
Authored by: redfood on Aug 29, '11 09:46:41AM

Sorry for the pedantic comment but....

A letter's horizontal dimension is usually referred to as the width and its vertical dimensions is its height. So 'l' and 'i' are thin letters and 'w' is a wide letter (as opposed to short and tall as written in the article).

Edited on Aug 29, '11 09:48:07AM by redfood

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Use any font in Terminal
Authored by: CyberSkull on Sep 04, '11 03:06:56AM

Where do I get the fonts you talked about?

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Use any font in Terminal
Authored by: asmeurer on Sep 18, '11 03:07:08PM
Deja Vu Sans Mono is available at

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