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10.7: Signs of resolution independence System 10.7
Lion exhibits the first signs of resolution independence, which has been something of a 'Holy Grail' of Mac OS X for most of a decade.

In Preview we have the option both for pictures and PDFs to either chose one pixel being a screen pixel or 100% being resolution independent.

Finally we got back to be able to measure sizes on screen, as a throwback to the times of 72 dpi-screens.

[crarko adds: The actual preference setting reads 'Size on screen equals size on printout.' I only see this in Preview but it's a good step to putting it in the OS as a whole.]
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10.6, if not earlier
Authored by: boredzo on Aug 04, '11 07:57:01AM

This feature exists in Snow Leopard's Preview as well, and it might go back as far as Leopard (though I can't easily test that).

This help document documents its existence in Snow Leopard. My 10.6.8 machine has Preview 5.0.3.

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Not new at all
Authored by: leamanc on Aug 04, '11 08:36:11PM

As the above poster states, this is available in Snow Leopard's Preview. Guess's been there since at least OS X 10.0, if not the public beta!

This is not a sign of resolution independence any more than the ability to size icons up to gigantic size per-folder is.

Very, very poor "hint", Craig! Relegate this to the forums where it belongs, and where people can discuss how long this has been around.

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Not new at all, but still a good hint.
Authored by: robogobo on Aug 05, '11 03:30:33AM

As usual, users judging what hints are good and what hints are bad is totally inappropriate. If a hint is inaccurate, it's for us the users to discuss, clarify and correct the info, not to bash the moderator for allowing the hint. In this case, it's been clarified, and now people who didn't know about this since 10.0 are aware, thanks to an inaccurate but useful hint.

That's how it works around here. Now chill.

Edited on Aug 05, '11 03:31:16AM by robogobo

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Not new at all
Authored by: Wizard69 on Aug 07, '11 12:53:33PM

It really isn't important if the hint is technically wrong. The fact is resolution independence is coming to the Mac. The Mac now draws in points not pixels.

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Not new at all
Authored by: unforeseen:X11 on Aug 09, '11 06:48:17PM

Absolutely not. Lion has actually taken a big step BACK from resolution independence. If you install the Dev Tools, you can scale the UI, this has been possible since 10.4. And Apple has improved this experimental function up until Snow Leopard, where even the three traffic light buttons were vector images and thus resolution independent. Now with Lion, they are bitmaps again. An awful LOT of stuff is now bitmaps again, just look through the /System folder. Stuff that could/should be drawn using Quartz is just images. I was really disappointed when I saw this.

The only sign of resolution independence in Lion is the "HiDPI" setting you can enable in Quartz Debug and then you get HiDPI screen resolution options in System Preferences.

this is not the sig you`re looking for.

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Not new at all
Authored by: leamanc on Aug 08, '11 09:05:14AM

I agree that users complaining about "bad hint" is inappropriate, as it has been the stated goal of the site to provide hints for all levels of expertise. But this was not even a hint at all. It was speculation about resolution independence making its way into OS X. The examples given for this hypothesis were totally wrong. They have nothing to do with resolution independence; they have to do with printing. They are there to take WYSIWYG to the next level. Instead of just showing you fonts on screen as they will appear printed, you can shape the layout of the document on screen to match your printed output. This is a feature set generally only available to high-end desktop publishing, and it's probably a holdover from NeXTStep's Preview and TextEdit, showing off what that OS could do with Display Postscript.

So what we had was not a hint at all, but a statement, and a wrong one at that. As I said before, that's what the forums are for. Users can draw up theories, discuss them, and we can draw our own conclusions about right or wrong. If we are going to allow discussion topics out of the forums and into the main site, then let's at least make sure they have some basis in fact or reality.

I wouldn't brush this off so easily with a "hey man, chill." Inaccurate and misleading information brings down the quality of the site in a big way. It's not matter of what makes a good hint or not--indeed, that is in the eye of the beholder. This is more like saying that because it's sunny and mild today, it's a sign that the economy in the USA will turn around soon. It's an inappropriate and inaccurate conclusion. And not a hint in any way, good or bad.

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