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10.7: Accented characters System 10.7
Entering accented characters while using *any* keyboard layout is easier than ever, similar to using iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Previously, to enter letters like , , , you had to learn one of several hints: option-key combinations, use the International Keyboard, use the Keyboard Viewer or change the keyboard layout to the appropriate one and then touch-type the keys you want.

But, 10.7 goes the route of the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad software.

If you want an accent over the letter 'e' just hold down the 'e' key as if you wanted to type 'eeeeeeeee.' You will see a short list of accent marks, just find the one you want and type the number underneath it.

[crarko adds: I tested this, and it works as described. See this hint for some other ramifications of this feature.]
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10.7: Accented characters
Authored by: gemini67 on Aug 01, '11 02:30:01AM

Huah! That's that is, oh my goodness, that is the best they could do. Replacing the simple! use of accent keys on an international keyboard with (?) [alt] number codes. (stop typing, wait, read codes, type codes, go on typing, stop typing ...) are you kidding?
Haha. Great. Apple punishes their customer a little more. Happy Vista. No, come on. This is much much better. The renewed OS is nothing but a disaster.

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10.7: Accented characters
Authored by: brucio on Aug 01, '11 09:45:56AM

I'm going to wait for 10.7.2 before I upgrade, but I would like to know if the old Option-key method still works. The new method might be fine for an iPhone, but it seems like a step backward for touch typists.

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10.7: Accented characters
Authored by: jlundell on Aug 01, '11 03:01:50PM

Yes, the old method still works, and in fact is required for other special characters. For example, the iPhone-style mechanism doesn't work for things like ellipsis, dashes, etc, at least not as far as I can see (period and hyphen both repeat).

The old method does not work in this text box, but I'm guessing that's because of some JavaScript hackiness, since it does seem to work elsewhere.

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10.7: Accented characters
Authored by: certpina on Sep 12, '11 07:40:32PM

The old method doesn't work in Facebook... quite annoying. Anyone find a way to get accent marks in Safari/Facebook?

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