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10.7 Reveal the Dock in fullscreen apps System 10.7
In Lion Apple introduced full-screen apps that take over the screen, hiding the Dock in the process. But don't worry, it's still there, and it doesn't take any magic commands to get to it. Gestures rule in Lion.

To get to the Dock from a fullscreen app, just move the pointer all the way to the edge where the Dock is pinned, then swipe or move the mouse in the same direction again, as if you were trying to move beyond the edge. The Dock pops right up, with no keyboard commands needed.

This is probably the best solution for full-screen apps where you may frequently need to move the pointer quickly to the edge of the screen where the main buttons are likely to be. If it just popped up the Dock when you move the pointer to the edge (as with 'Hide Automatically), it would be a source of frustration.

[crarko adds: It took me a few tries to get this to work. As with many gestures, it requires a pretty light and precise touch. Otherwise you'll just wind up scrolling the window in your fullscreen application (like Safari, where I tried this).]
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10.7 Reveal the Dock in fullscreen apps
Authored by: markhuot on Jul 28, '11 08:33:15AM

Do this with one finger (or a mouse), not two. Just move the mouse to the bottom of the screen. Pause. Then try to move it further down, it will show the dock.

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10.7 Reveal the Dock in fullscreen apps
Authored by: jazzbri on Jul 28, '11 08:37:04AM

It would be nice if the menu bar behaved in the same way. I've been running Screen Sharing sessions full-screen... when I need to access the menu bar of the shared screen, the local menu bar drops down and gets in the way. I have to get in-and-out quickly to avoid "crashing" into the local menu bar.

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10.7 Reveal the Dock in fullscreen apps
Authored by: Michelasso on Aug 11, '11 08:50:25AM

Exactly my feelings. I keep "opening" the menu bar when going on top of Safari. I'm surprised that at Apple they didn't think about it. In a way it's eve "asymmetric".

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10.7 Reveal the Dock in fullscreen apps
Authored by: greebly on Jul 28, '11 08:47:19AM

This is something I've been missing! Thanks so much for posting this!

This gets my most valuable post (MVP) of the day award for this site.

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Just swipe up for Mission Control
Authored by: kiltbear on Jul 28, '11 08:51:16AM

I thought the same thing at first: rats, no dock, but quickly realized: swipe up for mission control, and there it is.

If you're going for the dock while in full screen mode, you're going for a screen change anyway. Swipe, use the dock our choose visually.

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10.7 Reveal the Dock in fullscreen apps
Authored by: powerdan on Jul 28, '11 08:57:12AM

I was attempting this and it worked as written. Then I happened to move the mouse cursor to the left edge of the screen and dragged the mouse downward. The dock appeared. Dragging up does not do anything but dragging down seems to simulate the swipe.

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10.7 Reveal the Dock in fullscreen apps
Authored by: earthsaver on Jul 28, '11 04:38:18PM

Are you sure? I think it's difficult to mouse up or down without moving a little bit right or left. I can't get the dock in this way if I'm fully vertical in my swipe.

Also, it's not necessary to lift your finger from the first swipe. Just mouse to the edge, pause, and then continue in the same direction.

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10.7 Reveal the Dock in fullscreen apps
Authored by: roadkillrob on Jul 31, '11 07:51:10AM

I was so ready to comment that this 100% didn't work for me, but as usual it it Google Chrome that is broken, this works great in anything else that I try it in, but if I fullscreen google chrome, the gesture flat out doesn't work. Thanks again google for the broken browser - wonder how long it will take them to fix it, the other 10 things that I run into that don't work regularly haven't work in a year!

Anyway - thanks for the awesome tip, works mint!

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