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10.7: Preparing for Lion; no Hints today System 10.7
Like most of you, I'm getting ready for today's release of OS X Lion. I'm downloading and installing it now, and will perform an upgrade to a copy of 10.6 installed on an external drive for testing. It will be interesting to see how well Apple's servers hold up under the load.

There are several Lion hints in the queue, and I will start testing them later today and publish the first of them starting tomorrow.

We'll be resuming the Monthly Hints Contest in August, focusing on Lion hints. All Lion hints, starting with those I publish tomorrow, will be eligible for the contest. Obviously other topics are welcome as well; I personally am looking forward to some good BBEdit 10 hints.

Please refer to the original post about the MacOSXHints Monthly Hint contest for further details.

Thanks, all, and look for Lion hints starting tomorrow. And happy anniversary of the first Moon landing. Nice Cosmic coincidence.
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10.7: Preparing for Lion; no Hints today
Authored by: jeffreysilberman on Jul 20, '11 08:02:15AM

Macbook Pro users with SII raid card and dependent on them are going to be annoyed. Add the reversal of up and down scrolling to the list of things you need to retrain your mind to do what once was instinctive.

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10.7: Preparing for Lion; no Hints today
Authored by: jeffreysilberman on Jul 20, '11 08:30:46AM

Wow, this is a rushed release. Aside from the graphics driver for SII which should have been ready base on complaints back in April beta testing, a crucial native application like Apple Remote Desktop should not be asking me to look for a download that is not there to make it function. It is now a dead application.
Among other newly discovered gripes, gesture customization allows you to reverse the natural yet ingrained scrolling habits that are now second nature yet they did not allow us to change the desktop exposť feature back to the way we are already accustomed. I'm all for new features but I don't appreciate being forced to change basic navigation habits to suit the addition of mission control.
I'm sure this was an intention insertion of a gesture we all use on our MacBooks that Apple wishes to change our workflow habits. I personally don't care to turn my macbook into an iPad.

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10.7: Preparing for Lion; no Hints today
Authored by: jeffreysilberman on Jul 20, '11 08:39:41AM

Ok, maybe today is different from other releases. I've seen three new updates become available within a half hour addressing the some of the issues pretty quickly. We'll see how the rest of the day progresses with other app features and driver availability for hardware.

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10.7: Preparing for Lion; no Hints today
Authored by: jeffreysilberman on Jul 20, '11 10:05:39AM

After a bit of searching for an expresscard34 update, Sonnos has the driver update as of 7/12 that has restored functionality to the eSata connected drives. I am happy to see that Apple has provided a quick response to the issues for both pre and post install of 10.7 related issues. So far my only gripe is lack of gesture customization options especially those that used to be default like desktop exposť now being an awkward thumb and 3 fingers movement that is often misinterpreted by Lion as mission control. I've since removed gesture control for mission control and launch pad in an effort to reacquire previous normal functionality. I suspect that this issue may lead to some additional releases to restore workflow that previously required as much thought as breathing and now requires makes simple navigation a bit painful.
The finder view and navigation panes are a nice improvement in quick view ability that almost eliminates the need to tap on the space bar for most viewing needs. On a side note, the color scheme and feel is oddly reminiscent of OS9 in lack of color for the finder view while applications and content have brilliant color.

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