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Security with Proximity and iAlertU Apps
This hint describes how to use iAlertU with Proximity (a Bluetooth-enabled app) to secure your Mac. I have bundled the apps and scripts and give a thorough walk-through on how to set it up.

I have posted a hint previously on how to setup a Bluetooth capable cellphone as a security key for your Mac by activating the screen saver with a password .

Here is an alternative for those using laptops: iAlertU is a free app that is very LOUD! It will bring attention to anyone messing around with your lappy.

I have included the latest apps (with their checksums), along with two proximity scripts to make it work. Look in the README.rtfd file.

I'm not absolutely sure that it will work out of the box on Snow Leopard, so feedback is welcome (I'm on Leopard and it works fine).

Recent versions of iAlertU allow for a Hotkey to be used to arm the system (i.e., activate the security). I have coded F6 to be the trigger in my script. If F6 on your system is something else, modify the script to reflect the change.

Download the files, Turn on your Bluetooth, install Proximity, iAlertU and you can make them work as a security setup that works similarly to a car alarm.

iAlertU will make a loud noise when your mouse moves, screen is closed, keyboard is touched, or power cord is unplugged.

All apps and scripts are bundled here.

[crarko adds: I've mirrored the download here. There are separate versions of iAlertU for 10.5 and 10.6, so make sure you follow the directions and install the correct version.]
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Security with Proximity and iAlertU
Authored by: Bob.Tail on Jul 19, '11 08:26:48AM

There is also "RedHand" that does the same trick, and more.....

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Security with Proximity and iAlertU
Authored by: mtaylorGT on Jul 19, '11 10:31:08AM
Great hint. I use Phone Amego for similar functionality (triggering scripts on bluetooth in range / out of range). Just shows that there is more than one way to skin a cat.

Instead of a screensaver, I have it go to the login screen (What you see with fast user switching). To set a script in Phone amego, just set the applescripts dropbodwn on the main tab to out_of_range(label) and click "Set...", then choose the applescript of your choice.

The applescript to lock the screen is one line:

do shell script "'/System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras/' -suspend"

I prefer the login screen over the screensaver for this purpose because it gives an open path for a thief to log in to the guest account, which serves as a honeypot for prey, undercover, gadgettrak, lo-jack, etc. to help you recover your laptop without the thief needing to do a hard reboot.

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