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Publish iWeb to Dropbox Apps
Apple is ending MobileMe, so users will have to find an alternative. I found that you can publish a iWeb webpage to your Dropbox (folder), and have it's own URL. It won't be searchable by Google, though.

Go to your iWeb project, select Publish to: Local Folder, and select your Dropbox folder (or any folder inside it) for Folder Location. After Dropbox is done syncing, go to the Dropbox website and get the sharable link of a file named index.html. You can shorten the link if you want to.

Dropbox opens the file(which is the webpage) instead of downloading the file.

[crarko adds: I'm sure this will be one of many ways to handle the eventual demise of MobileMe's web hosting service. It would sure be nice to find out more about how iCloud is going to handle this, if at all.]
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Publish iWeb to Dropbox
Authored by: nathanator11 on Jun 23, '11 07:36:35AM

Cool idea. I've found that this only works if you get a shareable link for the whole folder, not just the index.html file.

Edited on Jun 23, '11 07:47:18AM by nathanator11

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Publish iWeb to Dropbox
Authored by: greebly on Jun 23, '11 08:07:56AM

This is actually how I'm going to resolve this for my wife's iWeb blog. If you are technical enough, you can install Dropbox on a Rackspace Cloud server (command-line only is how I did it). Then make sure to sync only the folders you want (there are a lot of how-tos on this). Once you have Dropbox syncing working on your linux-based server, you can simply get Apache web server (or the server of your choice) to host that directory for the domain name you have (since that functionality is likely to change). Then just use the publish to local folder as outlined and those changes will be automagically pushed out. The cool thing is that it will also likely preserve comments back upstream for you.

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Attribution Please!
Authored by: jollyolly on Jun 23, '11 09:08:19AM

These are YOUR findings? I found it too --- . . . or did the author of the MacLife article steal your idea without giving you credit?

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re: Attribution Please!
Authored by: DaijDjan on Jun 23, '11 03:14:04PM

gosh, attitude

I am all for giving credit where credit is due but its not like you got ANY proof that the author copied ANYTHING

using dropbox for this is not that special an idea (sorry)
it is _cool_ but not too uncommon.

The poster before you did it, _I_ did it a while ago before reading this hint OR any article

_ask_ politely or _hint_ at the issue you see if you must but don't go around shouting ATTRIBUTION ATTRIBUTION ATTRIBUTION :P

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re: Attribution Please!
Authored by: RMo on Jun 25, '11 12:22:39PM

Exactly. I hate to burst jollyolly's bubble, but I've known about this feature in Dropbox for almost as long as I've had it. It's not that radical or special of an idea, but it's still a neat hint that existing iWeb users (or anyone who wants to publish some files) might want to know. I sincerely doubt the original poster copied "your" idea.

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re: Attribution Please!
Authored by: vincent860524 on Jun 23, '11 11:05:49PM

Honestly, I didn't know about MacLife's article. I just thought of the idea when I started to use iWeb some days ago, and it will be nice to share it here. I even searched Mac OS X Hints to make sure my idea didn't conflict with other people's ideas.
Anyway, I'm sure they're some people who don't know about this hint, or the MacLife article.

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Publish iWeb to Dropbox
Authored by: TonyT on Jun 25, '11 06:58:16PM

There are free web-hosting alternatives. One that I know of is

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Publish iWeb to Dropbox
Authored by: sipatel on Aug 11, '11 05:04:19AM

If you have iWeb but not dotMac or MobileMe, what do you do?

My internet provider includes 7GB of storage for hosting a website with reasonable bandwidth usage (although it is unlimited with no cap, they do ask you not to abuse their generosity -- I also get 5GB to store my emails on their servers but I delete those as soon as Mail gets my mail).

Get iWeb to publish on another hosting site -- in the Sidebar, clicking on "Site" allows publishing to MobileMe, FTP Server or Local Folder -- I use the last two options.

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Publish iWeb to Dropbox
Authored by: vincent860524 on Aug 19, '11 10:20:19PM

Great, this hint is going into Macworld!

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