MacOSXHints Contest June Featured Hint Category

Jun 01, '11 07:30:01AM

Contributed by: crarko

MacOSXHints Contest June Featured Hint Category The featured category for June is 'Working with Windows,' including (but not limited to) Bootcamp, VM's like Parallels and VMWare, and other cross-platform and interoperability hints. It's a pretty open category, and I'll look at a variety of submissions for it.

Please refer to the original post about the MacOSXHints Monthly Hint contest for further details.

Following are the winners from the March contest. I only had responses from two qualifying submitters (out of the six I attempted to contact) and here they are:

Nathan Greenstein: Safari: Hide images in RSS feeds

Frank Markus: Enable Pinch/Zoom on Firefox 4

I'll try to catch up on the April winners this week and we'll vote on the May hints after the Developer's Conference next week. Again, my apology for the delay, but it will all be caught up soon.

Craig A.

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