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Accessing advanced printer features when batch printing Printers
I have several hundred PDF documents that I need to print. The documents are multi-page, and our printer can staple. However, if I try and batch print by dragging the PDFs onto a desktop alias of the print queue, I have no access to the advanced printer dialogs. If I open all the PDFs in Preview, I can get to the staple setting, but I have to visit the printer dialog box for each and every PDF.

I posted this problem on the Apple Support Community, and received the following tip from user Pahu. It works great with Snow Leopard, and I suspect earlier versions of OS X. Pahu writes: Desktop printers don't give you the ability to modify printer setting so you will need to set the option in the PPD.

Using the CUPS printer page ( you could modify this printer so that stapling is permanently enabled. From the CUPS page select the printer and then change the Administration drop menu to Set Default Options. Then select the General link and scroll through until you find the stapling setting. With it enabled then scroll to the bottom of this page and click 'Set Default Options' to save the change.

I've seen several requests around the web for this solution, so I thought I'd share it here as well. This will save me hours of time on this project and in the future.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one.]
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Nice TIP
Authored by: yrret on May 22, '11 06:26:02PM

Great great tip.

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changing printer defaults
Authored by: stand on May 24, '11 09:05:01PM

Great tip, also useful for changing defaults on other printer options like duplexing. Two addenda:
1) also easy to type "" in Safari address bar;
2) unfortunately, software that uses non-osx print dialog boxes, e.g. MS Word, seem to override with its own defaults.

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Doesn't work at all for me 10.6.4 nor 10.5
Authored by: bretperry on May 25, '11 04:35:19PM

Oh joy, this is just what i have been looking for -- oh dear, it doesn't work for me at all.
I also tried it in 10.5 and got a very similar result (CUPS page looks different in 10.5 but still can't find any actual settings)

I do have Snow Leopard, but when I click the link I go to CUPS 1.4.4.
Is that what you are all seeing?

Any idea why it won't work for me?
I have a few guesses:
1. It is a networked printer going thru a print queue. (Is this tip only for local printers?)
2. I am not logged in as root (FAQ says something about being root)
3. We replaced some CUPS files with 10.5 files due to printing bug in 10.6 that won't allow landscape printing on some postscript printers (ours is one).
4. We are using 10.6.4 because of a 10.6.5 thru 10.6.7 bug that hoses ACLs when you copy a folder on the server.

This is what I get:
To "select the printer" I click on the "Printers" tab on the CUPS page, and click on my printer.
Then I see the dropdowns "Maintenance" and "Administration".
If I choose "Set Default Options" (or anything else) from the "Administration" dropdown, it takes me to the "Administration" tab -- there is no "General" link there.

Most of the links on the "Administration" tab do nothing--no request for log-in nada.
"Manage Printers" takes me back to "Printers", "Manage Jobs" lets me see the jobs in the printer, and nothing else works.

I am an "admin" user on my local Mac, but log-in for Printer/queue is a unique log-in (which I know but am not prompted for in CUPS)

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Doesn't work at all for me 10.6.4 nor 10.5
Authored by: jendahl on May 27, '11 10:46:19AM


I see "CUPS 1.4.6" when I access the page.

The printer that I used is a networked printer. I access it via IP, using ldp. I seem to be using a local queue. Perhaps you are not using a CUPS-compatible driver? Wish I could be more help.

John Endahl, District Network Administrator
Williamston Community Schools

"A mind is a fire to be kindled, not a vessel to be filled."

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Doesn't work at all for me 10.6.4 nor 10.5
Authored by: bretperry on May 27, '11 08:07:13PM

Thanks, that helps some. I'll try another driver if there is one. Using Xerox's, which uses CUPS but who knows if it's fully compliant. Interestingly, I can access the printer's options in CUPS on my old mac with CUPS 1.3 but when I try to submit changes, it takes me to Administration page instead, whereas in 1.4 I don't see the options and go straight to Administration page.

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