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A script to find Dropbox conflicts Apps
Dropbox has become my favorite method of syncing files. The one thing I don't really like about it is how it handles the times when multiple computers report new versions of a file. Dropbox decides to keep both, and adds the words Conflicted Copy and some other info to the filename of the one it's not sure about. I got tired of regularly having to manually hunt for such files, so I wrote a script to do it for me.

This AppleScript uses the find command to find the affected files. It opens Finder windows with each file selected so they're easy to find and deal with. I hope this script is as useful to you as it has been to me.

Paste this into AppleScript Editor and save it as an Application. Run it whenever you want to find conflicted copies.
set conflictedFiles to do shell script "cd ~/Dropbox; find -L . \\( -path \"*.dropbox*\" -prune \\) -o \\( -name \"*conflicted*\" -print \\)"
set fileList to paragraphs of conflictedFiles as list
repeat with currFile in fileList
  set currPath to (path to home folder as string) & "Dropbox" & POSIX file (characters 3 thru -1 of (currFile as string) as string)
  tell application "Finder" to make new Finder window to currPath
end repeat
Note: I've tried a few different versions of the shell script, but this is the one that's been the fastest for me. If you tweak this script and it runs faster, please post in the comments! I'm always eager to see my scripts made better.

[crarko adds: I tested this, and it works as described, as far as I can see.]
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A script to find Dropbox conflicts
Authored by: dfbills on May 18, '11 07:50:11AM

Good one! Thanks.


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A script to find Dropbox conflicts
Authored by: erikreagan on May 18, '11 08:09:32AM

Nice tip. I can certainly use this from time to time!

Of note - this script appears to assume you have not changed the location of your Dropbox folder from the default directory (user's root).

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A script to find Dropbox conflicts
Authored by: Anonymous on May 18, '11 09:28:41AM

Works as described... too well.

I had scores and scores of "Conflicted Copies" that kept piling on my desktop requiring me to relaunch finder rather than close each one.

Edited on May 18, '11 09:29:16AM by

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A script to find Dropbox conflicts
Authored by: erikzred on May 18, '11 01:07:19PM

Quick tip on closing all those open finder windows -- Option-Commad-W to close all open finder windows

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A script to find Dropbox conflicts
Authored by: 5chm31din6 on May 18, '11 02:08:25PM

Ditto! Maybe modifying the script so the conflicts are moved to the Trash or a designated folder. I dunno....

Power corrupts. PowerPoint corrupts absolutely.

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A script to find Dropbox conflicts
Authored by: nathanator11 on May 18, '11 05:26:16PM

Haha, mine did the same.

I did consider making it delete the files, but sometimes the version marked as conflicted is the one I actually want to keep. So, deleting them isn't the solution for me.
If it's right for you, by all means modify the script.


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A script to find Dropbox conflicts
Authored by: Zettt on May 18, '11 11:42:20PM

What about just making a smart folder that searches for file name contains "conflicted"? The Path Bar at the bottom tells where a file resides, ⌘doubleclick shows the file in a new Finder window.
At least that works for me.

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Works with Symlinks
Authored by: nathanator11 on May 18, '11 07:42:03PM

I forgot to mention that this will still work fine if you've got symlinks in your Dropbox folder. :)

Edited on May 18, '11 07:42:25PM by nathanator11

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Need A script to delete Dropbox conflicts
Authored by: budsimrin on Jul 30, '13 08:05:52AM

This script works perfectly for me. Unfortunately, it found hundreds of folders and thousands of files. Could someone please post a modification of the script to delete the conflicted files without user intervention? I don't have the scripting knowledge to do this.


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