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Change Default Bullet List format in Word Apps
Changing the default for bulleted lists in Word is neither intuitive nor obvious.

I use Word 2008 as my main text editor. Somewhere along the way, the default style for the bulleted list that arises when you click the bullet icon in the toolbar got completely mangled. The first line was indented a full inch, while subsequent lines in the bullet point were indented an inch and a half. Ugly. I finally figured out the process for changing the default bullet format and I'm sharing in case anybody else has the same issue. I'm assuming similar steps would apply in Word 2004 and 2011, but I don't have them and don't know.

  • In a new, blank document, Choose 'Bullets and Numbering' from the Format menu
  • Click on the first option under the 'Bulleted' tab and click the 'Customize' button
  • Choose the options you want for type of bullet, font, indent, etc. (I use Bullet position of 'indent at .25' and text position of 'indent at 0.38,' but you may prefer different options)
  • In order to ensure that these options apply in any new document you create, you must add the Bulleted List style to your Normal template.
  • Choose Format » Style... and click the 'Organizer' button.
  • On the left of the Organizer window, choose 'List Paragraph' and then click the 'Copy' button to copy to Normal.dotm
Now every document you open should have the default bulleted list style you prefer. You can also create a regular old style for your preferred bullet style to apply whenever you want, but I prefer to be able to just click the 'bullet' button and keep writing.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one.]
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Default Envelope spacing fix in Word?
Authored by: mikesreach on May 10, '11 10:02:37AM

Thanks for this info. It seems like a lot of trouble, doesn't it. But that's Word for you! We need these work-arounds!

I have another issue for anyone that may have an idea how to fix:

Grabbing an address from a document that's singled spaced and then clicking on Envelopes... (under tools) results in a double spaced address and return address. Anyone know why?

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Double-spaced envelope address
Authored by: bluecat on May 11, '11 03:44:53PM

This is due to the default paragraph format Styles for "Envelope Address" and "Envelope Return". You can change these styles with the Format > Style menu (as well as several other methods).

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Change Default Bullet List format in Word
Authored by: boardrfolife on Sep 30, '12 04:00:29PM

Do u know how to do this with numbered lists also?

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Change Default Bullet List format in Word
Authored by: boardrfolife on Sep 30, '12 05:30:57PM

& this only works until word is closed, then it changes back to its old indent.

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