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I'm still looking for hints about iTunes for this month's contest.

Also, I've received a few submissions of hints for the 10.7 Lion Developer Previews. The policy here has always been not to publish hints on pre-release Apple software, and I think that is still a wise policy.

I'll hold them in the queue and revisit them when Lion is released this summer, and see if they still work or are needed with the final version.

Thanks, all!

Craig A.
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A quick note
Authored by: Geobunny on Apr 13, '11 08:48:55AM

Apple seems to be much more lax about chasing up people who post info about their pre-release OSes these days. You only need to look at any of the other "news"/rumour sites around the place who are all running features on 10.7.

For the developers among us (myself included) who have access to the 10.7 seeds, could you possibly post some of those hints please?

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"Page 2" for 10.7 hints
Authored by: mdwittenberg on Apr 13, '11 09:08:45AM

I'd appreciate it if you would still post them even though they're for "pre-release" software. Perhaps set up a "page 2" stream to prevent 10.7 hints from mucking up the homepage and standard user's RSS feed, yet still providing an area for the curious to discover hints early.

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"Page 2" for 10.7 hints
Authored by: Unsoluble on Apr 13, '11 11:39:23AM
Um... I think the point is being missed here: You can't disclose information about developer previews when you're under an NDA, which applies to everyone who has access to the developer preview. Every piece of information you see online about Lion that wasn't released by Apple was released against the NDA, which is bad. Even if the leaked info is already "out there" (many consider it fair game to repost stuff that's already leaked), it's still being a jerk about your relationship with Apple, which Macworld probably isn't cool about.

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"Page 2" for 10.7 hints
Authored by: DamnItsHot on Apr 15, '11 11:11:07AM

Bravo, and well said. I find it amazing that for all of us that signed the NDA so many apparently did not read it or were disingenuous about the contract we commited to from the start. Your word is your word - or it should be. I have never seen a society as a whole conclude that since one person blew it it takes the rest of us off the hook e.g., young Mr. Smith cheated on the board exams today so that makes it OK for everybody else to do it? I don't think so - oh unless it is in regards to a NDA that you signed with some large corporation about intellectual property or product secrets. Nobody really gets hurt after al, eh? (Don't tell me this is similar to the EULA where it doesn't matter cause that can't do this or that legally in your country anyway.) You should stick by your agreement - if you sign an NDA the you should not be disclosing anything about it (you can kind of get that from the title.)

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