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Hosting/Joining Microsoft Office Live Meeting Apps
I work for a very Large Teleconferencing firm that shall remain nameless, none the less I receive a lot of calls in my line of work at the technical support level. One of the most frequent Mac OSX related issues with callers is 'why cant I host/or have trouble joining a Microsoft Office Live Meeting?'

Our answer for this has been short and sweet. Use a PC. The advent of a very nice piece of software that came my way was Parallels 6.0.1. After getting Windows 7 installed and running on my trial version I decided to try Hosting from my Own Live Meeting account was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that I could host my meetings virtually from my MacBook.

Here is a walk through of what I did to be able to host/login to my meeting and use the host features while still having access to my Mac as well.

The first thing was first I needed to install the virtualization software that I would be installing Windows on. I chose Parallels for it's ease of use and well quite frankly I like the simplicity of it vs. VMware.

Once installed I then loaded Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit. I will add a suggestion here. Most web conferencing software does not play nicely with 64bit systems, so run 32bit whenever possible. I also ran through the series of updates for Windows and made sure I met three key requirements. That I had the most current version of Flash Player installed in my new Virtual Machine as well as the most current version of Java. (I actually prefer Java 6 version 18-20 as these are all tested and proven to work with most of the web conferencing options out there.)

Next step was to log into my Conferencing hub/Live Meeting management microsite and install the Microsoft Live Meeting application. Once inside the meeting center with the application installed. I was simply a matter of starting with the 'meet now' feature and hosting a instant meeting. (One side note, Microsoft offers some Mac users the ability to click on the link in Live Meeting invitation and to join as a participant, but not to host.) This configuration of running inside the virtual machine offers the user the ability to host and participate as the Live Meeting service see's the user joining from a Windows Machine not a Virtual one and not a Mac.

I did manage to test my sharing of IE and a word document successfully. I also partnered with a co-worker and had him log into the meeting and he could in fact see everything I was sharing or showing.

[crarko adds: There are still some things that require the use of a VM, and this appears to be one of them. It sounds like Office Communicator in Office for Mac 2011 is a first step to improving this but still uses the web version of Live Meeting as a client, and does not let you host a meeting; hence the utility of this hint.]
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Hosting/Joining Microsoft Office Live Meeting
Authored by: deemery on Apr 13, '11 07:56:46AM

Yeah, it's too much to ask for the CIO to adopt a facility (e.g. Adobe Connect) that actually works cross-platform....

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Hosting/Joining Microsoft Office Live Meeting
Authored by: sgasp on Apr 13, '11 01:32:32PM

I'm a bit surprise as I was a beta tester in my company when we choose our next solution for video conferencing.

And Livemeting was running (poorly) on Mac OS X. When I say poorly, It was using a lot of CPU and the shared screen was refreshing slowly on other party when I was hosting.

Now there is also WebEx (Cisco) with client on iPad, iPhone, Mac OS X, Windows. Features set is rich, sharing a windows, all windows of an app, desktop, camera.

There is gotomeeting (Citrix), on Windows sharing a windows, all windows of an app, not reliable on WinXP apparently, on Mac OS X you can sahre only the desktop, at least it shares one screen.

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Hosting/Joining Microsoft Office Live Meeting
Authored by: mrmenellis on Apr 13, '11 02:00:18PM

"Sweet" is not a term I would use to describe this 'solution'

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Not a hint
Authored by: Brontojoris on Apr 14, '11 12:50:57AM

I don't think this qualifies as a hint. Running something in a VM because there isn't a native version is just plain obvious!

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Not a hint
Authored by: e_whizz on Apr 16, '11 05:44:01PM

I agree, add this one to the ever mounting pile of non-hints.

As previously commented, it is a little too obvious if a windows program has no equivalent for the mac, then the obvious step to get the functionality for that app running on your mac, is to run it in a Virtual Machine.

If the editor's idea behind this is to get it into the big google index, then think about it. If you were searching for a Mac way to run X, Y or Z and came across this hint as a 'solution' then, guaranteed, the next thing to occur would surely be your palm meeting your forehead.

A more progressive version of this hint, might be to use one of the free/paid software as a service or VM hosting services out there, that might have solved this particular hurdle the author faced, and certainly other situations where Mac versions of the same app are not available.

I would much prefer quality over quantity on this site. It appears over the last few months a minimum quota is trying to be met, and is being filled with lots of 'non hints'.

Plus the instructions for this hint describe it as 'short and sweet'. I would say it is neither short nor sweet.

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