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Speed up Outlook 2011 Apps
I was having big problems with Outlook 2011: it was taking longer and longer to launch (up to a couple of minutes), and then being generally sluggish in use.

What I initially did was this: after ensuring my email was synced with Exchange, and nothing stored locally (in 'On My Computer' folders), I used Microsoft Database Utility to create a new identity, which rebuilt my local copy of all my email. This sped things up considerably - although not as fast as I really wanted - but introduced another problem: that searching in Outlook wasn't working. This is a problem that evidently a lot of people suffer from, and the usual solution is to re-index the drive, or the Identity folder. But in my case, searching from the Spotlight icon on the Mac's menu bar was giving results (just not when searching in Outlook) so clearly the Spotlight (mdutil) part was working fine.

As a last act of desperation, after quitting Outlook I renamed the identity (which was called 'New Identity 04/04/2011') to 'Main Identity' and relaunched. BOOM! Launching took about two seconds, AND searching was working again!

So, create a new identity, rename it to 'Main Identity', and you should get a whole new, speedy Outlook.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one, although I recall doing similar things with Entourage, usually when the database had become large.]
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Speed up Outlook 2011
Authored by: slb on Apr 07, '11 11:45:31AM

Are you sure the new identity was "default" without the name change?
That can be done in the Utility as well...will have to test.

Edited on Apr 07, '11 11:47:08AM by slb

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Speed up Outlook 2011
Authored by: mattwhiting on Apr 07, '11 02:31:55PM

Yup, making the identity default didn't have any effect; renaming it did. YMMV.

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Speed up Outlook 2011
Authored by: sonic68 on Apr 07, '11 04:24:24PM

How many emails do you have in your exchange account? Above 5000?

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Speed up Outlook 2011
Authored by: mattwhiting on Apr 09, '11 10:41:06AM

Yes, I just checked and I have about 14,000 emails.

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Speed up Outlook 2011
Authored by: hamishb on Apr 07, '11 07:51:38PM

I tried this and am now restoring my Main Identify from Time Machine.

I lost a lot of email - but it did speed things up.

I have some of my email on Exchange (work), some on IMAP (MobileMe) and my personal stuff is POP (so stored locally).

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Speed up Outlook 2011
Authored by: geordie on Jan 24, '12 06:29:18AM

I was having terrible slow downs even though I am running off SSD and have 8GB of RAM. Renaming my main identity folder to Main Identity fixed the slow downs (mine had been Main Identity [Backed up 2011-02-01 20.56]). I can't believe it worked but it did.

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Speed up Outlook 2011
Authored by: malikjfernando on Feb 15, '12 01:33:33AM

having created a new identity to speed up outlook, how do i transfer contents of previous identity personal email folders "on my computer" to the new identity?

i am using an exchange account

i could not transfer my personal folder contents back to exchange to sync to the new identity due space limitation on my exchange account

so I have created a new identity and downloaded exchange mails fine, outlook is much faster now

but i need to bring my personal "on my computer" email folders from the previous identity to my new ID. unsure how.

i prefer not to drag all the folders in my previous identity to the new one in case there is any corruption there


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