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Use unsafe web fonts safely in iWeb Apps
Lots of times, to get just the right look for your website, you want to use a font that is considered 'unsafe,' meaning unless someone viewing your page has that same font installed, the browser will pick some other default font to take its place. This obviously is undesirable. There are definitely more sophisticated and better ways to use non-web safe fonts, but if you want something easy and quick in iWeb, here's one thing you can do that's very easy and doesn't require any CSS or HTML code or widgets.

For any text using an unsafe web font, just rotate the text box marginally and iWeb will convert it to an image file so that your font appears as-is in any web browser. I asked if anyone noticed that the text was rotated and no one ever noticed.

There are two ways (that I know of) to rotate a text box. In either case, you first must click on the text box so that the corners have little white squares over them. Then hover your mouse over the corner while holding the command key, click and drag. The other option is to use the inspector. Under the tab that looks like a ruler, you can enter the number of degrees to rotate the font. I use this since it's easier to rotate an undetectable fraction (like 0.1 degrees).

I did this in iWeb 3.x. Of course, if you do this with a lot of text, then you're making your page bulky to download, so I only use it for fancy headings. Note, I have seen some buggy behavior with browsers not completely loading the images which (oddly enough) causes text to switch places. Hitting reload has always resolved this for me.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one.]
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Use unsafe web fonts safely in iWeb
Authored by: Frederico on Mar 30, '11 08:41:47AM

You also make all text unsearchable, nonindexible, and ineligible for copy & paste. Printing will also be slower. Worst of all, people with poor eyesight will be unable to use text to speech, VoiceOver, or any text enlarging provided by the browser or system.

As long as you are certain you know your audience (are you sure none of your viewers aren't too embarrassed to admit their disabilities?) and none of them will suffer for your vanity, this is a useful hint.

If you are presenting webpages to a larger, unknown audience, or hope to have your pages indexed by Google, et al, this practice is an absolute no-no for any body, table or header text. Use it carefully or selectively for titles, logos and navigation, and it remains a good hint.

Used in combination with identical invisible text readable in plain text browsers and bots, and it can still be a useful hint.

Sorry to get all Jakob Neilsen on you. (;

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Use unsafe web fonts safely in iWeb
Authored by: robleach on Mar 30, '11 01:19:50PM

I like the identical invisible text suggestion! I might do that. A buddy of mine and I were working independently on the same site and he's using a CSS trick with @font-face in dream weaver to directly use the desired font in any browser (avoiding the need for an image) but I couldn't figure that out in iweb.


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Use unsafe web fonts safely in iWeb
Authored by: Old Toad on Mar 30, '11 10:07:47AM

One doesn't have to rotate the text box in order to convert it to an image. Adding a drop shadow with 5% opacity to the text will do the same thing.

In addition to making the text unavailable to search engines converting text to images add additional files which must be loaded by the browser along with the basic page. This can cause the site to load more slowly.

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Use unsafe web fonts safely in iWeb
Authored by: chaoswerks on Mar 30, '11 10:41:07AM

Converting text to images if fine if the text in question is say, one's "brand". Too many people try to treat the web like print when it is clearly not, and one must realize that one cannot control all the variables that go into viewing a webpage on a different computer. Rather than attempting to force print metaphors onto the web consider that disseminating one's content is the primary goal of publishing and that should be the end goal rather than attempting to control all aspects of typography, et al on a web page.

"Suburbia is where the developer bulldozes out the trees; then, names the streets after them." - Bill Vaughn

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Use unsafe web fonts safely in iWeb
Authored by: Gee Deezy on Mar 31, '11 06:24:38AM

This can also be achieved without rotation. Simply add a small drop shadow with barely-visible opacity to any text, and it will convert it to a graphic, as well.

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Use unsafe web fonts safely in iWeb
Authored by: asmeurer on Jun 14, '11 02:39:43PM

Please don't do this. Converting text to an image for no other reason than to use your own special font is an incredibly bad idea. You really should be reconsidering why your special font is so much more special than the standard ones. Fonts like Helvetica have been very carefully designed for readability and since they're used so often, people are used to seeing them, which makes them even more readable.

If you really have to have that special font, use CSS or some other method that will preserve the text actually being text.

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