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iPhoto Gestures Apps
Here are some fun gestures you can use in iPhoto that I couldn't find documented anywhere. When in edit mode, two finger gestures do some nifty things! First, open a photo in iPhoto and enter Edit mode.

While in Straighten Mode:

You can fine tune the amount of tilt using the 'rotate' gesture in either direction. Rotate Left to decrease the angle, Rotate Right increases the angle (it feels backwards whenever I do it).

While in Crop mode (with constrain turned on):
  • If you pinch inwards the crop frame gets smaller and retains its shape.
  • If you pinch outwards the crop frame gets bigger and retains its shape.
  • If you keep both fingers in approximately the same configuration and move them about, the entire crop frame will move without changing size (unless you run into an edge, in which case the crop frame will shrink if you continue to push it against the edge).
When you un-check constrain, things get a little crazy. Since the crop corners map directly to your fingers, you can change the overall crop shape from rectangular to square, or vice versa.

Suppose you set your right thumb and pointer on the trackpad (thumb bottom left quadrant, pointer top right).
  • If you move just your thumb (still in the bottom left quadrant) then just the bottom left handle moves in the same manner.
  • If you move just that pointer finger (in the top right) and the just top right handle moves.
  • Move both simultaneously and both handles move.
iPhoto seems to map the finger locations as relative, rather than absolute, though. Following our prior example, moving the thumb to a location where it is higher up the trackpad than the pointer finger, but still to the left of it, would cause the top left (as opposed to bottom left) handle to move. Similarly, the pointer finger would now relate to the bottom right (instead of bottom left) handle. This happens when you move one finger past another with regards to left and right as well. Two finger scrolling seems to lock in the crop frame, just as before.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one. I don't have one of the fancy newer trackpads that supports these gestures. Plus I've always used an external editor with iPhoto anyway.]
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iPhoto Gestures
Authored by: manxman on Feb 24, '11 11:11:13AM

So, like a lot of other great features that Apple build in to apps, why don't they actually tell us about them without having to wait for somebody to have the time to try all keyboard combinations to discover them, and now we're into 'secret' gestures!

Come on Apple, tell us what you've added!

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