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Have wallpaper background colors match your image Desktop
When the built-in color panel's eyedropper magnifying glass won't match your image's background color, what do you do? DigitalColor Meter will get you the exact color you need.

When adding images with flat color backgrounds (such as logos) to your desktop as wallpaper, you usually want to center the image and have the desktop background color around the image to match. Black and white usually work fine, but other colors are not sampled correctly when using the built-in color picker's color sampling magnifying glass.

Instead, once making your image the current wallpaper, open DigitalColor Meter (In /Applications/Utilities/), switch the main dropdown to show you the color's value to 'RGB as actual value, 8-bit' and hover over the color in your background you wish to spread over your whole screen and press Command+L to lock the sample for the next step.

Go back to System Preferences, open the built-in color panel, go to the Color Sliders panel (the second tab) and choose RGB sliders, then enter the three values from DigitalColor Meter into their corresponding text fields. Your desktop's background color will match the matte of your wallpaper image.

The RGB sliders are in Systems Preferences » Desktop and Screensaver, from the dropdown choose Fit To Screen or Center, next to that appears the background color swatch, which opens the Color Picker panel. Then pick the second tab in the colour picker, and on that tab change the slider dropdown to RGB sliders.

[crarko adds: I tested this, and it works as described. This previous hint takes the approach of adding a new solid color background image, but doesn't embed something like a logo in it.]
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Have wallpaper background colors match your image
Authored by: ankitmodi89 on Feb 01, '11 09:26:52AM

I have set to change my background every hour.

How to have my Mac select layout for the wallpaper, some pics look good in "Fill Screen" while some look good in "Fit to Screen"

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Apple knows about the bug
Authored by: sr105 on Feb 01, '11 09:51:28AM

I filed a bug about 1-2 years ago about the eye dropper in the built-in color picker not working. They closed the bug as a duplicate of a known issue. So, they've known about it for a while and just haven't fixed it.

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Apple knows about lots of bugs, but doesn't do anything
Authored by: jgh23 on Feb 02, '11 02:33:05AM

(Foreword: I've been with Apple since way back. This is a simply vent of recent frustration. I'm sorry to visit this on macworld, but the comment by sr105

"So, they've known about it for a while and just haven't fixed it."

really brought it home that there are others that may feel equally - or more - frustrated!)

Let's be honest, Apple must get millions of bug reports, and duplicates must also number millions.

But increasingly I'm getting frustrated that they fix only those that meet (some invisible) criteria, and that the system for reporting them - spend your valuable time documenting the bug then throw it over the wall - allows apple to do this.

Reporting bugs is a serious business, and apple do take it seriously. Good natured professionals report bugs that affect their workflow in the hope of having them fixed. But they're not fixed, they're just left to affect the whole professional community's practice. Apple may care deeply about the professionals that use their systems, but they don't *appear* to care.

Can macworld not do a (based on the wonderful that allows the time creating a bug report - and the bug report itself as well as any work arounds - to be shared by the community? It could be very popular!

Or perhaps there is such a page, and I just don't know.

From my perspective, this seems a no brainer. But then perhaps like the scarecrow, I just need a brain.

Best, Jon

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Apple knows about lots of bugs, but doesn't do anything
Authored by: sr105 on Feb 02, '11 06:23:43AM

I agree. I wish you could search their bug database or at least just the user submitted bugs. They provide no way of knowing that you're just wasting your time, and in my experience writing a good bug report to Apple takes <i>at least</i> 15-30 minutes once you start including screenshots.

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Apple knows about lots of bugs, but doesn't do anything
Authored by: jgh23 on Feb 02, '11 06:44:27AM

How do we get the message out?

Is macworld listening (cups hand to ear)... Helloooo ... crarko!

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Apple knows about lots of bugs, but doesn't do anything
Authored by: crarko on Feb 02, '11 08:59:39AM

I don't have any more pull with Apple than you do. If enough people file the same bug report with them perhaps that will get their attention.

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Apple knows about lots of bugs, but doesn't do anything
Authored by: jgh23 on Feb 02, '11 12:18:27PM


I was unclear, sorry: I meant would

have legs?

Best, Jon

(PS Sorry to Glutnix, too, for hijacking their thread)

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Have wallpaper background colors match your image
Authored by: arcticmac on Feb 01, '11 10:32:31AM

I wasn't able to duplicate your success exactly. What I found was that it doesn't matter which source you pick your color from, so much as what color profile you set the color picker panel to use. Specifically, on the color I was using, both DCM and the color picker would read out the same number, and would set the color profile as "Device RGB", and it would be wrong. However if I changed to the "Generic RGB" profile and then type in the same numbers (which I can just read out of the color picker; no need for DCM unless you can't remember three numbers for 10 seconds), THEN it works correctly.

As far as the bug goes, it looks like the issue is that the code that draws the desktop is different from the code that's doing the "preview" view in the pane. If you look at the preview, it matches fine when you just use the color picker's dropper, but then the desktop gets it wrong, and when the desktop looks right, the color picker looks wrong. I suspect that what's going on is that the prefpane reads/writes three RGB values to the plist file, and then the code that displays the color reads the values out, but doesn't take into account what color profile they were set under. (which, if you look, seems not to be recorded in the pref file anyway).

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