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Office 2011 Search change Apps
For me, the most annoying new 'feature' of Office 2011 is the new search (un)function in Word.

I miss the dialog box and the quick switch to search and replace. Fortunately, it is still there (as advanced Search).

Here is how to recreate the old default Key Shortcut:

Open up System Preferences » Keyboard » Keyboard Shortcuts. Select the tab for Application Shortcuts, and click the plus sign to add a new entry for Microsoft Word. To choose Word, you'll first have to select 'Others' and Navigate to the MS Office Folder.

As the Menu Title enter Advanced Find and Replace... to match what the menu item is called.

As the shortcut enter Command+F.

Now, add another entry for Word and as the Menu Title enter Find... and as a shortcut enter something that is not used elsewhere. I chose Command+Control+Option+Shift+F.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one. Just be sure that the Menu Title entry is identical to what the menu item is named in Word.]
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Office 2011 Search change
Authored by: j.norris on Jan 31, '11 08:10:01AM

Note that entering this keyboard shortcut requires the ellipsis symbol (option-semicolon) rather than 3 periods. Many people don't know there is an ellipsis on the keyboard, much less how to type it.

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Office 2011 Search change
Authored by: Cealus on Jan 31, '11 02:12:11PM

The same functionality can be implemented within Word (with a few more clicks, of course) by selecting View>Toolbars>Customize Toolbars and Menus… and clicking the Keyboard… button near the bottom of the sheet. Then select Edit from the Categories column and EditFindDialog from the Command column. You can then assign a new keyboard shortcut to this command. Just be sure that any changes are saved to your usual template file (usually normal.dotm) file so that it can be used in subsequent documents.

I do the same sort of thing by assigning keyboard shortcuts to often used Greek characters by using the Insert>Symbol>Advanced Symbol… dialog and clicking the Keyboard Shortcut… button. Then assigning whatever keyboard combination I can remember. You just can't use a simple Option+ assignment. You must use Cmd, Cntl, or combinations with or without the Shift and Option keys

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Office 2011 Search change
Authored by: osxpounder on Feb 03, '11 01:51:28PM

I just tried this via Word's custom keyboard settings, as Cealus describes.

I had to restart Word for the change to take effect. Before I restarted Word, CMD-f still opened the new sidebar. After I restarted Word, CMD-f brought up the "Advanced Find and Replace..."

I kinda like having a search field built into Word's toolbar, too, but I'll probably keep using my fave shortcut keys because it's quicker, and I search very often.

Thanks for the tips, OP and commenters!

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Office 2011 Search change
Authored by: maximzodal on Feb 01, '11 06:56:04AM

Thank you! This "unfeature" is so bloody annoying. MS must employ legions of people to devise ways ("features") to annoy users. I used the command+shift+H for years that would open this feature completely, but this will do.

Thanks also to j.norris for the ellipsis heads up!


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Office 2011 Search change
Authored by: bachelorbob on Feb 01, '11 07:21:30AM

Changing the keyboard shortcut in Word is safer than using System Preferences because Word will not allow you to have two items assigned to the same shortcut. The quickest way in Word is via Tools>Customize Keyboard... Follow the instructions above by Cealus. My Word 2011 required a restart for the changes to take effect.

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Office 2011 Search change
Authored by: petergarner on Feb 04, '11 10:27:45AM

Yes, much better to do it from within Word. But the real problem as I see it is that there doesn't appear to be a way to bring up the "Replace" tab of the dialogue box by default (as was the case with Office:X, the previous version of Office I was using). The "EditReplace" command only brings up that annoying sidebar. Any bright ideas?

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Office 2011 Search change
Authored by: stivat on Feb 23, '12 09:37:25PM

Just found it!
Hit Command + Shift + H to bring up the advanced Find/Replace. Then use Control + Tab to move between Find, Replace and Go To.

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Office 2011 Search change
Authored by: dimitra_c on Sep 21, '12 08:29:17AM

Well this is strange... this worked for me the first time I tried it (and I was so happy to see it), but now it doesn't work any more!?

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