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Installing Skype 5 Apps
Skype 5 for Mac became 'stable' today, so I decided to install it. Just installing it gave me headaches. Fortunately, I've found a way to get Skype 5 working properly.

First, open Skype and Check for Updates (Skype menu). It will prompt for Skype 5's download. Confirm it, and after a while the DMG file containing Skype will be downloaded to the desktop. Open the DMG. (Unfortunately, the software does not self-update; you have to install it yourself.)

Quit Skype. Open the Applications folder, delete Skype from it, and confirm the move. Finally, drag Skype 5's icon into the Applications folder.

Trying to simply drag the Skype 5 icon into the Applications alias gave too many errors, which is why I've written this hint.

[crarko adds: You gotta love an application that can't even install properly. I think I did something similar to the above process when upgrading Skype 5 from the beta to the release version.]
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Installing Skype 5
Authored by: hamarkus on Jan 28, '11 08:10:01AM

For me, drag'n'drop worked fine (confirm to overwrite). Very occasionally it does not work, basically always this is due to some file still being in use (in other words, part of the app is still running).
I also occasionally get cryptic errors when emptying the trash with an app package inside (secure delete always works in these cases).

I consider none of these really application faults, they are to widespread and too random to be linked to individual applications. Of course, some applications have background threads running even when quit. That is by design and should surprise no one.

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Installing Skype 5
Authored by: capacity on Jan 28, '11 08:12:43AM
I found no problems dragging on the mounted dmg onto the Applications alias included on the dmg. Some info on what's wrong with using the alias would have made this hint worthwhile, but as a one-off experience someone had, this is not a hint worth reading.

Now, as for problems that I have with Skype's interface change, that's another issue. Not to mention that opening Skype switches to the discrete NVidia GPU in my mid-2010 15" MBP regardless of whether I'm using video (meaning I cannot leave Skype open in the background without cutting my battery time in half), and there's no way to turn video off as there was in previous versions of Skype (which remedied the GPU switch). Time to switch back to 2.8.
Edited on Jan 28, '11 08:13:50AM by capacity

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Installing Skype 5
Authored by: plustig on Jan 28, '11 08:16:44AM

The described issue happened to one of my laptops while not logged into skype.

To avoid this and let skype do the upgrade automagically just make sure you logged in to skype. It will then download the latest version, install in the background and restart skype.

Strange behavior but worked for me on several computers...

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Installing Skype 5
Authored by: fahirsch on Jan 28, '11 08:28:49AM

Prior to installing Skype 5 i changed the name of Skype. The reason being I remembered trying the beta and having to backtrack.
Afterwards I drag-and-dropped without problems. On running I quickly found out what was that did not work: it didn't recognize my external iSight camera. So I uninstalled Skype 5

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Installing Skype 5
Authored by: bobsc on Jan 31, '11 09:36:28AM

Any idea WHY Skype 5 doesn't recognize our external iSight cameras? I am having that same issue, but unfortunately I don't still have the previous version of Skype.
I had no problems with the upgrade process, because I let Skype handle the whole process. Skype know to upgrade itself, apparently, even if the manual drag-and-drop doesn't always work.


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Installing Skype 5
Authored by: asmeurer on Jan 28, '11 11:21:24AM

This is basically the procedure that you have to use whenever trying to update an Application by dragging it to the Applications folder gives a permissions error. For some reason, even if you don't have the permissions to overwrite an Application with a replacement, you will have the permissions to move the Application to the trash. Subsequently emptying the trash doesn't give any errors either, so I really don't know what gives.

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Installing Skype 5
Authored by: bjack on Jan 28, '11 02:49:47PM

I installed Skype no problems. I didn't even have to drag n' drop. I downloaded the app and it automatically installed itself. Maybe they posted a new installer.

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Installing Skype 5
Authored by: leamanc on Jan 28, '11 06:39:28PM

Craig, I am with some of the other posters here. This is not really a Skype-specific problem. It happens all the time with apps that are installed via drag-n-drop. As others mentioned, if another admin user installed the app, you have to move the app to the trash to install the new one. Ditto if the .app bundle contains a background process that is still running...move the .app the trash (or alternately, use Activity Monitor to kill the background process, or do the same with 'kill <pid>' in the Terminal).

This is another reason that installing apps in OS X should be standardized. The bevy of options is confusing to folks who aren't tech experts, especially when you run into things like this. IMHO, should be the standard methodology for installing apps (and Apple should really add an un-install function to

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Installing Skype 5
Authored by: desoporp on Jan 28, '11 11:34:11PM

Skype 5 installed without problems for me. The beta prompted me to update and then it spent some time downloading and updating itself.

Perhaps this tip is when updating from version 4 to 5 only?

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Installing Skype 5
Authored by: pgr on Jan 30, '11 04:33:28PM

Worked fine for me by just checking for update. It installed the and update, quit and then restarted on its own.


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Installing Skype 5
Authored by: brh on Jan 30, '11 07:34:22PM

Often, when I'm unable to overwrite an application in the Applications folder via drag, simply trying a second time works. Not sure why, but it's something I've experienced many times - first attempt fails, second succeeds.

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Installing Skype 5
Authored by: greenimpact on Jan 31, '11 05:28:43AM

I am not able to open skype after I did the 5.0 version upgrade.
Everything used to work fine before, until I did this upgrade, now I am getting an error message " you cannot use the application "" with this version of MAC OS X .

I have a MAC OS X 10.4.11

I dont care if I dont have the latest upgrade, I just need it to work as before.

Do you guys know anything about this problem? ... what can I do?

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Installing Skype 5
Authored by: dysan on Feb 01, '11 09:36:03PM

Installed fine... has 2.x installed... downloaded and installed 5.0 itself, no problems, no drag and drop.

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