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Using To Do's With iCal and Yahoo Apps
One nice feature of iCal is that you can easily sync with other free calendars like Yahoo and Gmail (and of course with Mobile Me). iCal also has a few other features like "To Do's" and "Notes" for things that don't quite deserve being a full fledged calendar item.

I have 3 computers that I'd really like to keep in sync. If I think of something that I need to do while I'm at work, rather than write it on a scrap of paper, I'd like to just quickly type it into the To Do list and then forget about it until I see it in my To Do's at home.

The problem is that To Do's Created in iCal or in Mail DO NOT natively sync with Yahoo!s calendar - even if your calendar syncing is working fine (to set up calendar syncing, go to iCal » Preferences » Account Information » Server Settings) I found a way to make it work for now (until Apple or Yahoo makes an update).

If your calendar syncing is working, and you create a To Do in iCal, it will not appear in your Yahoo! calendar. But if you create a To Do in your Yahoo calendar, it WILL appear in all of your synced iCal calendars. If you edit these To Do's that were initiated in Yahoo, from iCal OR Yahoo, everything will be synced as expected. So, this hint is to simply create a bunch of dummy To Do's in Yahoo, and then edit them as the need arises. I named my dummy To Do's as 01, 02, 03, etc.

One might say, "why not just initiate all 'To Do's' from Yahoo!?" The answer is because it is quick and easy to just click over to iCal rather than sign in to Yahoo every day, and navigate to the calendar feature. Hopefully this hint becomes obsolete with a software update from either Yahoo or Apple (I'm not sure where the problem lies).

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one. Syncing To Do's seems to be part of the CalDAV protocol, which is used by Apple, Yahoo, and others. I'm surprised to hear it doesn't work right with Yahoo.]
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Using To Do's With iCal and Yahoo
Authored by: scotty321 on Jan 24, '11 08:40:24AM

Very strange. I have confirmed this to be true.

Yahoo allows "read access" and "editing access" of to-do's when you are connecting to it via a CalDAV client like iCal and BusyCal, but it does NOT allow you to create new to-do's from CalDAV clients.

(And people wonder why Yahoo has fallen beneath the curve of giant Google! I'm not a fan of Google in the slightest, but they do seem to have nailed the basics of email and calendaring... although I've heard about other bugs in Google's calendar, such as improperly handling floating events.)

I think the best calendar syncing option at this point is MobileMe. MobileMe has significantly improved since they switched to CalDAV (i.e. it's finally 100% reliable!), and you can even use the iOS app BusyToDo to keep your to-do's in sync between your iPhone and your Mac.

Might be worth paying the annual MobileMe fee, which you can get for a discounted price on ($65 instead of $99) here:

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