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Shortcut to Home Folder System
I accidentally found a new shortcut to the Home folder in Snow Leopard.

In Finder, I have always used Command+Up arrow to go up one level to go through my subdirectories very quickly, especially when developing and am traversing the same directory sections.

So, today (having just upgraded to Snow Leopard a few days ago; I know I am late), I used this same shortcut but up popped a new Finder window for my home directory. I had to check to understand how I did that.

I was not in the current Finder window. Instead, I had clicked on the Desktop. I have tested this and you can have either nothing selected or anything selected and it still works. It appears the Desktop now works exactly like a Finder window for this. This is a little easier than clicking the Command+Shift+H to get there.

[crarko adds: I tested this, and it works as described. I also tried it in 10.5 and it worked there too, so this isn't a new thing in Snow Leopard, but just one of those little peculiarities of the Finder that we all know and love. It's in the Finder 'Go' menu as 'Enclosing Folder' and the fact that the Desktop is also a folder inside the Home directory is what causes this behavior, so it probably goes back even further.]
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Shortcut to Home Folder
Authored by: NaOH-Lye on Jan 21, '11 08:11:34AM

This will work in 10.4, also. And there is a logic here, in case anyone is wondering. The Desktop folder is located within the Home folder, so it makes sense that Command-Up Arrow would open Home in the situations described, for even when the user only clicks on the Desktop, that's the folder which the FInder considers selected.

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Shortcut to Home Folder
Authored by: hughescr on Jan 21, '11 08:36:47AM
I'm pretty sure this hint works with all the shortcuts from the "Go" finder menu:

⇧⌘C: Computer
⇧⌘H: Home
⇧⌘D: Desktop
⇧⌘K: Network
⇧⌘I: My iDisk
⇧⌘A: Applications
⇧⌘O: Documents
⇧⌘U: Utilities

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Re: Shortcut to Home Folder
Authored by: Uncle Asad on Jan 21, '11 01:51:08PM

Works at least as far back as 10.3Ö.

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Shortcut to Home Folder
Authored by: Gus Chambers on Jan 21, '11 06:16:07PM

The Desktop <b>is</b> a window. Took me years to work that one out, as well, but thatís how it is. You can &#8984;&#8677; to it and everything.

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Shortcut to Home Folder
Authored by: tom.reitz on Jan 21, '11 07:17:39PM

weird that you guys see it as far back as 10.3 ... I use this command constantly... really weird that I NEVER did this accidentally in the last 4 years or so... anyways. glad to finally post a hint here! Long time reader! -Tom

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Shortcut to Home Folder
Authored by: DaijDjan on Jan 22, '11 02:03:11AM

We need a new OS bad to get fresh hints... (I fear)

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Shortcut to Home Folder
Authored by: philostein on Jan 22, '11 06:05:04AM

OK it's not new info, but surely there's people out there that will find this useful. Who on earth would search for the original hint? People who never considered the possibility? Or people who would know what to search for and therefore already knew the hint?

There's a lot of new Mac users out there. If every currently relevant hint ever posted were to be posted again, it wouldn't bother me too much. I'll just skip them in my RSS feed.

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Shortcut to Home Folder
Authored by: everkleer80 on Jan 22, '11 11:01:10AM

You have a good point; Just yesturday, I found several useful hints (some as far back as '03) when I was searching to see if some I discovered recently were already posted. But this site is mainly an archive of hints. How do we decide how old a hint can be before duplicating it? Is it for each OS version? Probably most of the hints valid in one OS are valid in the next version, so we would end up with, for example, 500 hints for Tiger, then 400 of those would be duplicated for Leopard plus 500 new ones, then 800 of those would be duplicated for SL plus 500 more new ones... (These #s are purely made up, but I'm sure you see my point.) The site would really need to be redesigned to show old hints that are still valid - maybe have a button on old hints where users can confirm what OS versions they are valid in, and each OS version could have a separate archive for links to old but valid hints? I'm not really sure what the best way to do this would be, but I'd love to hear ideas since I am trying to design a similar site.

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Shortcut to Home Folder
Authored by: philostein on Jan 22, '11 03:54:57PM

How about adding a 'Re-posted' tag to appropriate hints, and putting that check box in the Contents tab of the reader's account pane?

Other ideas: (this is all out-of-my-box thinking) have a quick response for a new hint, where readers could attach a link from an old one and cause the new hint to become a 'Re-posted' hint. That should allow crarko to quickly verify its veracity. Sensitive readers could even have an option that causes all hints to be 'Re-posted' for a period of time (say 3 days?) to give people with stronger stomachs a chance to bag and tag the hints correctly.

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Shortcut to Home Folder
Authored by: r3dlink13 on Jan 22, '11 10:08:29AM
The one I always use is command+n since it works whether of not you're on the desktop or have an active finder window already open. This will always result in a new window displaying the home folder instead of

command+up opening a new window from the desktop
going up a level in the current window


command+shift+h opening a new window from the desktop
opening the home folder inside the active finder window.

Granted, each shortcut has it's uses, but I'm a fan of consistency and thought I should point this out.

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Shortcut to Home Folder
Authored by: agentx on Jan 24, '11 02:33:16AM

As such the Desktop is a folder in your Home Directory.
When you do command and up arrow you are "opening enclosing folder" which is this case is your Home Directory.

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