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The original posting was a bit long and was interfering with some folks' ability to easily get to the hints, so here is a shorter version. Please refer to the original for further details.

Just a reminder, the featured category for January is MS Office for Mac.
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Very Welcome News
Authored by: msadesign on Jan 19, '11 05:45:54AM

I am delighted that our current editors have taken this course of action. This web site has been a constant source of useful information, which is sometimes contained more in the comments than in the hint.

Whatever can be done to build a fire under the site and bring back visibility and submittals are more than welcome to this reader.

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The MacOSXHints Monthly Hint Contest
Authored by: malbase on Jan 20, '11 01:29:09PM

Microsoft Office 2011 for Macintosh Hint:
Word or Excel will not open. Crash.
Microsoft gives a process of creating a new account User.

My Desk Mac would not open Word or Excel.

But my Laptop did.

I went over the fonts on my Desk computer. I deleted the fonts that did not appear in my Laptop. My Desk computer had over 1200 fonts. My Laptop 225+.
After deleting fonts from my Desk Mac, I was able to open Word, and Excel.
Also Print Shop II for Macintosh also operated faster.
If Office is crashing try removing fonts.

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The MacOSXHints Monthly Hint Contest
Authored by: crarko on Jan 21, '11 04:47:25AM

Just a couple of helpful suggestions:

If you post a hint in a comment to a thread it is liable to be missed.

Also, a number of people have submitted hints anonymously and included an email address in the text of the hint. I always remove that information when editing a hint so if you don't register and login to do the submission, we're not going to remember who you are when it comes to doing the judging at the end of the month.

Please create an account and be sure you are logged in here if you wish to submit a hint for consideration in the contest.

Thank you.

Craig A.

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Featured Category Schedule
Authored by: nathanator11 on Jan 22, '11 11:49:34AM

It would be real helpful to know what categories will be featured which months.
Thanks, and I love the contest (doubled the daily published hints already!). Props to you all, Macworld, Craig, and submitters!

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The MacOSXHints Monthly Hint Contest
Authored by: TJG on Jan 25, '11 03:59:10PM

Chuckles. But now that it is done, whatever works.

The resulting photo showing multiple holes for ventilation is probably over the top; another issue might be how this drilling site effects RF, i.e., the case is usually made from metallic impregnated material to abate radio frequency radiation from the electronic components. Very likely bad RF interference emissions now.

Nickel in the grass: In most overheating issues, try cleaning the existing intake and exhaust vents first with a vacuum and canned air.

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