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Backup the iPhoto Library to DVD's with tar UNIX
A recent Macworld article on backups stated:

'Regrettably, iPhoto no longer offers an option to back up your iPhoto library to optical media. Rather, you can burn only images to the disc rather than the library itself and you can't burn to multiple discs if the selected number of photos won't fit on a single CD or DVD.'

There is a command-line based workaround for that deficiency. You can split the iPhoto Library into DVD sized tar archives and then copy the archives to DVD's.

To create the archives, type the following command into a Terminal shell:
/usr/bin/gnutar -C $HOME/Pictures -L4588544 -cMv --file=$HOME/Desktop/tar_archive.{tar,tar-{2..50}} iPhoto Library
And then to extract them:
/usr/bin/gnutar -xMv --file=$HOME/Desktop/tar_archive.{tar,tar-{2..50}} -C $HOME/Desktop

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one.]
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other methods
Authored by: tc_nyc on Jan 18, '11 08:03:54AM
You can also create a DMG file and then split the DMG. That way you can copy the DMG pieces to a hard drive and immediately open the DMG without conversion. dmgconverter will do this for you. Also, you could use split & concat or Toast. There's dozens of ways of getting this done.

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other methods
Authored by: TonyT on Jan 18, '11 02:42:04PM

Of course there are other methods. But tar is a good choice.
With split and cat, if a disk is lost or damaged, all subsequent disks are unusable. WIth tar, you can at least get to the photo's on the individual dvd's. Toast is also a good choice, but it's not free, so not much of a hint there. As for dmgconverter and split & concat, they don't seem to do anything that can't be done in Terminal (split & concat even states that), so I guess it's ok for the Terminal adverse. Personally, I like Toast, but like I said, where's the hint in that?

Also, this is a UNIX hint, not an Application hint, so Toast, split & concat and dmgconverter don't apply.

Edited on Jan 18, '11 02:51:36PM by TonyT

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other methods
Authored by: tc_nyc on Jan 19, '11 12:17:23PM
One of the most robust methods would be to RAR the archive first. That way you'd have some redundancy built into the backup in case one of the discs had errors. MacPar Deluxe

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Backup the iPhoto Library to DVD's with tar
Authored by: gdtrfb on Jan 18, '11 09:28:57AM

One of the nice features of this method... If one or more of your backup discs becomes corrupted or otherwise unavailable, you don't lose the entire backup. Just the data that was on that disc plus any leading or trailing files from the discs on either side of it in the sequence. I didn't know about that -L and -M features in gnutar. Just tested the functionality and it works great. Including when part of the backup set is missing.

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other methods
Authored by: paulbrainerd on Jan 20, '11 08:44:39PM

This isn't solely a UNIX hint. Toast, Split & Concat & dmgconverter DO apply. It would be silly hubris to limit the scope of this solution anyway. Hints are "work-arounds" to solve problems and you do what is ever necessary, most efficient or to your personal preference. There is a litany of variations in the comments sections of every hint in this forum. And by the way, I much prefer DMG for the reasons well stated by tc_nyc.

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other methods
Authored by: TonyT on Jan 23, '11 07:41:55PM

Why use a third-party App when the best solution resides with OS X?

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