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Mass deploying Adobe Flash Player updates Apps
If you are in a situation where you have a large number of Macintosh computers at your work and you need to push out a Flash update to all your clients it can be tedious. The Adobe installers are filled with fluff and GUI options that do not make it easy to mass deploy.

Depending on what enterprise solutions you use, this method should be applicable to most if not all of them. Casper, Absolute, Munki, or even ARD Admin can most likely use this method. I've tested this in Casper and it does work for me.

Simply download the latest Flash Player to your Mac. Right click on the Adobe Installer and view the Package Contents. From there navigate to the Resources folder. Inside there you will see an Adobe Flash Player.pkg file you can simply drag and drop into your enterprise tool set or even push out via ARD Admin. The PKG file will install the needed updates. So from there you just need to use whatever tools you have to push out that PKG file. I suppose you could also write a shell script that uses the command line install for the PKG as well.

I have tested this and it works, and the users can even be using web browsers during the install and the next time they quit and relaunch the browser the updates will be applied. I only tested this on Firefox, however, other browsers may want to be quit first before the install.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one.]
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Mass deploying Adobe Flash Player updates
Authored by: agentx on Jan 18, '11 08:07:51AM

I have and do this when needed already. But a useful hint and much better way than using crappy Adobe installers/uninstallers which have a mind of their own and having to touch every machine.

Just had the classic licensing issue on CS3 install yesterday(get this quite a few times a year !)
Tried all my tricks with FlexNet etc no joy, so used the clean up script, reinstalled still no dice. Cleaned again followed by manual clean......hit the 1.5 hours mark now. Reinstall , it works but updates don't (adobe updater in loop), reset the permissions on adobe folders which had been set incorrectly by installer and eventually machine was back in action.

Edited on Jan 18, '11 08:09:22AM by agentx

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Mass deploying Adobe Flash Player updates
Authored by: gneagle on Jan 18, '11 08:53:44AM

This technique definitely works with munki; and should work with any deployment software that utilizes standard Apple installer packages.

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Half in jest all in earnest
Authored by: kiltbear on Jan 18, '11 08:59:31AM

Or you could just deploy Chrome which keeps its own copy of A-Flash up to date.

But, yes, OI VEY on the Adobe CS (or anything) installs. I go round and round on this with a friend at Adobe. As an Admin, products should use the platforms installers so I learn and use one on windows, one on mac, two or so on linux, etc. I don't want to learn and script a deployer for each and every epithetical piece of software I have to install.

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Half in jest all in earnest
Authored by: tom larkin on Jan 18, '11 10:56:18AM

Yeah but every company likes to write their own installer. I used to support Autodesk products, and they have their own set of deployment tools, but at least they used MSI files so it was pretty easy to network deploy Auto CAD, Revit, Inventor and so forth because you just needed to add them to the payload and the rest was done via MSI.

Adobe installers are pure junk and I hate them.

/angry sys admin fist!

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Mass deploying Adobe Flash Player updates
Authored by: agentx on Jan 18, '11 09:04:28AM

As such we are not allowed to deploy Chrome at quite a few of my sites anyway due to "what is going on under the hood" ;-)

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Mass deploying Adobe Flash Player updates
Authored by: tom larkin on Jan 18, '11 10:52:13AM

I have not yet played with the Adobe deployment tools either. AAME is suppose to allow you to chop up and serve all your beloved Adobe products through enterprise deployment methods. I have had a terrible time deploying CS4, but CS3 when we had it ran smoothly. Being able to suppress the Adobe installer does wonders, as if a user changes their resolution to a non supported one Adobe CS products will still installer. Where as with the Adobe installer it will freak out and halt the install.

Maybe you could look into using AAME, but if I can get an installer I will use that. Otherwise your options are to capture a new flash install via a tool like Composer, or write some script to remove previous version and install this from the command line.

I just found this method to be super easy because all you need to do is grab the installer out of the Flash Package and you can toss away all the other Adobe junk.

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Mass deploying Adobe Flash Player updates
Authored by: CyberSkull on Jan 18, '11 12:59:21PM

I've gone through hell deploying PhotoShop. When Adobe started using Apple's Installer package format they included a post-install application to create the key files. According to the documentation, I could supply arguments for the application to enable key creation on all the machines I was installing on. But as it turned out, if I ran the post install from anything other than the disc it would crash with some memory error in the console. Adobe was of no help, so I had to manually install it on 30+ machines because it would not install without the post-installer.

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Mass deploying Adobe Flash Player updates
Authored by: oopsydaisy on Jun 20, '12 07:44:15AM

with latest flash installer, you can select not to check or notify for updates. using the package strip method from above, is there a way to script this after the install?

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Mass deploying Adobe Flash Player updates
Authored by: cdhw on Jul 20, '12 03:00:14AM

My understanding of the Adobe licence is that deployment to clients (as opposed to installing a single personal copy) requires a distribution licence. The good news is that this is free:

and gives access to mkpg installers and deployment guides and briefings.

The bad news is that one has to reapply this licence annually, which seems rather petty to me.

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