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Free Up That Disk Space - iPhoto Apps
For those of you who take a ton of pictures and use iPhoto, you've probably at some point or another run out of space on your hard drive. Especially if you shoot in Camera RAW. Well all those pictures that you've deleted, you know, the ones that didn't quite 'turn out' aren't really deleted and still exist on your hard drive.

To get rid of those photos that you thought you deleted but are still taking up your precious hard drive space, follow the directions below.
  • Open iPhoto.
  • Click the iPhoto menu in the menu bar and click Empty iPhoto Trash.
  • Watch as you get back the gigabytes of space that those hundreds of pictures were taking up!

[crarko adds: I tested this, and it works as described. This is one of those things that appears so obvious, but I know plenty of people who use Outlook on the PC who never think to empty its Recycle Bin, either. I always thought iPhoto was even more obtuse about that, since it's unlike most other Mac software that way.]
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Free Up That Disk Space - iPhoto | 11 comments | Create New Account
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Free Up That Disk Space - iPhoto
Authored by: justicart on Jan 20, '11 09:01:50AM

I take all my photos in the RAW format. As some of these pictures can be 30MB each, space disappears quickly. Along with this helpful hint, here's another space-saving idea: 90% of my raw images don't need to be raw. Select the raw images and drag them to a temporary folder on the desktop. This creates JPG versions of them. Delete the raw files and empty trash, then drag the JPGs back in. You will have to redo faces and albums and keywords, but the space save is enormous.

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Free Up That Disk Space - iPhoto
Authored by: sd on Jan 20, '11 09:08:08AM

to free up disk space... empty the trash.
So smart!

OK iPhoto has its own trash, but really does this deserve a hint?

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Free Up That Disk Space - iPhoto
Authored by: BlaatMekker on Jan 20, '11 10:03:48AM

It's even showing up in my sidebar, how can you miss that?

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Free Up That Disk Space - iPhoto
Authored by: digs0 on Jan 20, '11 10:18:37AM

Honestly I think it does merit a hint, just because it's not really standard behavior for an app to have its own trash. iTunes will ask if you want to delete files, but iPhoto doesn't do that. So I'm sure there are plenty of people out there (newbies perhaps) who thought they were freeing up disk space when they actually weren't. Good hint.


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Free Up That Disk Space - iPhoto
Authored by: hughescr on Jan 20, '11 10:54:30AM

The iPhoto trash is not only not the same as the finder trash, but most people don't know it's even there.

And on top of that, it doesn't work like every other "Trash" out there, in that when you run out of space, it doesn't automatically empty itself. And if you quit iPhoto, the trash is still there, but you can't even see it or access it.

I filed a bug report on this stupid mis-feature in iPhoto about 4 years ago.

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Free Up That Disk Space - iPhoto
Authored by: TvE on Jan 22, '11 05:21:40AM

I have *never* seen my Mac OS empty my Trash for me - what I have seen when getting low on free disk space though is a warning popping up alerting me to my problem.

I would consider it rude for an OS to empty my trash behind my back (maybe Winblow$ does it like that I have never examined it but have noticed a setting for how large many % are reserved for the trash or something like thatů

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Free Up That Disk Space - iPhoto
Authored by: nb21 on Jan 20, '11 12:08:48PM

I used a third party application to try and clean up space...and it somehow deleted iPhoto entirely. Now I can't get the application back. Advice?

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Free Up That Disk Space - iPhoto
Authored by: everkleer80 on Jan 21, '11 07:37:07AM

My advise would be don't use 3rd party disk cleaners unless you're sure about what they are deleting! lol

I'm guessing you don't have a TM (or other) backup... Is the problem that you can't get your photos back, or the program (or both?) If it's the photos, I'm sorry but I think they might be lost if you don't have backups (though you could try some sort of file recovery/undelete program - I've used them with some degree of success-about 50% I'd say- I forget which program(s) I ended up using, but one name I remember is FileSalvage.)

If it's the program that you can't get back, is the problem that it won't let you reinstall? Or do you not have the reinstallation media? If it's he latter, I'm sorry but I think you are out of luck and will have to obtain another copy. I might suggest the new Mac App Store (especially since you can always redownload from there once you make a purchase. I've never tried Aperture, but I hear it's much better than iPhoto and is on sale in the App Store.) If it just won't let you reinstall, what error are you getting? Maybe search your system for any remaining iPhoto stuff, and delete it first?

My final advise would be to start making back ups of your system. You can get a 1TB external drive for under $100, and it's so easy to set up backups in Time Machine and once it's set up you don't need to think about it!

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Free Up That Disk Space - iPhoto
Authored by: frin on Jan 21, '11 06:33:34AM

I think this deserves to win this monthly hint contest. It's really dumb that iPhoto has its own trash. It never even occured to me that it would have one, although now that I checked I saw it in the sidebar of iPhoto.

It helped me clear a good gig of old useless data (don't use iPhoto much).

As for the missing iPhoto app... try to recover it using your Snow Leopard install DVD, there should be an extra disc with iLife stuff on it, including iPhoto.

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Free Up That Disk Space - iPhoto
Authored by: asmeurer on Jan 21, '11 01:24:09PM

Does anyone know what exactly this removes? Is it just clearing the undo history for edits, or what?

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Free Up That Disk Space - iPhoto
Authored by: everkleer80 on Jan 21, '11 02:18:38PM

No, there is a trash within iPhoto (it believe you can see it on the sidebar) and when you 'delete' a photo, it is just sent to iPhoto's trash and not actually deleted. So this 'hint' is actually quite obvious, but I agree it is still a hint since most people don't realize the trash is there (including myself for a long time.) I'm not sure why iPhoto doesn't use the Trash in the Finder - isn't that what iTunes does?

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