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Using a MacBook Pro as firewire pass-through Laptop Macs
Their are many options today for you to attach your trusty old FireWire 400 goodies to your shiny new MacPro (that doesn't include FW400 anymore). 6 pin to 9 pin adapters, cables or just buy new gear...except you didn't plan that far ahead and now your in the middle of a critical project with one file stuck on a trusty FW400 drive and no way to plug it into your new Mac. Sure you could load it onto that old MacBook Pro you got, but the HD is too full to for the 65GB video file.

Simply connect your MBP (powered off) to your new Mac via a FW800 cable (9 pin to 9 pin). Then plug in your FW400 peripheral to the MBP and it will mount on your new Mac no questions asked! In a pinch the MBP can be used as a pass-through for firewire (converting from 6 pin to 9 pin) and it doesn't even need to be plugged in, or have the battery in.

I tested this with a self-powered HD enclosure, a Gen 4 iPod, and a JVC DVCam/Mini DV tape deck (4 pin to 6 pin) and all worked flawlessly.

[crarko adds: I have used techniques similar to this ever since Apple moved to FireWire 800 only machines. With both the 400-800 converters and also using those Macs that have both types of port as an intermediary.]
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this is called daisy-chaining
Authored by: dom on Jan 10, '11 12:32:21PM

it's a feature of firewire and actually has been covered by this hint already:

Daisy-chain FireWire devices in Target Disk Mode

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this is called daisy-chaining
Authored by: chucky23 on Jan 11, '11 08:51:52AM

Well, no. The previous hint didn't mention that the intermediary device could be powered off instead of used in Target Disk Mode.

I'd read and understood the previous hint, but I still learned something out of this hint.

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Using a MacBook Pro as firewire pass-through
Authored by: pauldacheez on Jan 10, '11 04:07:43PM

I once booted a Mac into FireWire Target Disk Mode and found that I could access a disc in its optical drive from another Mac. I don't know if you're able to access USB disks connected to it like that, but any SATA/IDE devices are accessible.

Also, old related hint: If you eject that disc from Finder, it'll actually pop out of the computer.

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Using a MacBook Pro as firewire pass-through
Authored by: bcometa on Jan 10, '11 06:34:40PM

great tip - especially the fact that the power can remain off. i always thought the mac had to be in fw target mode. thanks for posting!

Edited on Jan 10, '11 06:35:55PM by bcometa

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