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Opening Multiple Windows in Outlook 2011 Apps
Wish you could open your calendar, mail, etc in a separate window in Outlook for Mac 2011? Well, you can!

In many Mac programs (and indeed, in Outlook for Windows), you can right-click (or Ctrl-click) somewhere to open a new window. For example, in Outlook for Windows, you could be viewing your mail, then want to view your calendar in a separate window, while your mail window remains open. You could then right-click on 'Calendar.' Up would come a contextual menu with the option 'Open In New Window.' Click it, and you've got two views.

But in Outlook for Mac 2011, if you right-click on Calendar while you're viewing Mail, nothing happens. No visible option appears to open your Calendar in a new window. But lucklily, there's an easy workaround.

While viewing Mail, instead of right-clicking on Calendar, do this: Right-click on any other mail folder (it doesn't matter which one). Outlook will give you a contextual menu, including 'Open In New Window,' which allows you to open that mail folder in a new window.

From that point, you can click whatever you were looking to have open in a new window. Calendar, for example, or anything else. Now you have two windows open; one for your mail, and one your calendar. Same thing applies for any other windows: Tasks, Notes, Contacts, other folders, etc.

In summary, you only seem to be able to use 'Open In New Window' on other mail folders, but luckily, once those windows are open, you seem to be able to navigate wherever you want to go in them.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one. I don't actually have Office 2011 myself and am trying to switch over to using iWork as much as I can.]
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Opening Multiple Windows in Outlook 2011
Authored by: Promootheus on Nov 30, '10 07:50:16AM

Try this instead: File -> New -> Open New Main Window.

Unfortunately there's no default keybinding for this item but you can easily create one with the Keyboard preference pane. I bound Open New Main Window to Control-Command-O, for example.

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Opening Multiple Windows in Outlook 2011
Authored by: jjardoino on Nov 30, '10 09:46:44AM

It's the best way. And we have the same option in Entourage since years : File > New > Open New Main Window, with the shortcut Option + Shift + Command + N.

And it's easy to understand that, one a second (or a third) main window is opened, one of the windows can display mailboxes while others display Addresses, Calendar...


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Opening Multiple Windows in Outlook 2011
Authored by: nek on Nov 30, '10 12:28:16PM

Nice, if only you could work out how to past attachments into a new message window.

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Opening Multiple Windows in Outlook 2011
Authored by: gennaria on Mar 26, '12 07:18:54AM

Works perfectly. Thanks!

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