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Google Voice app on jailbroken iPod Touch iPod
The official Google Voice for iPhone application that Google release recently cannot be installed on the iPod Touch through iTunes, therefore this workaround will show you how to get the Google Voice for iPhone application working on your iPod Touch. You will need a jailbroken iPod Touch with Cydia loaded onto it.

  • I have tested as much as I could of this app and felt that all of the major functionality works except for the calling (obviously; as the calling function uses a cellphone signal which your iPod Touch does not have.
  • You will need to have a jail-broken iPod Touch, so if you haven't done so yet, do so now. You can search for the means to accomplish this.
  • You will also need the Cydia app: 'iFile' so search for it.
  • Also, if you haven't done so yet, you need to download the 'Google Voice for iPhone' app to iTunes here.
Here's how to do the installation:
  • Once you have performed everything required stated above, head to iTunes » Apps » right-click on the Google Voice app » Show in Finder/Explorer.
  • Copy that file somewhere.
  • Change the file extension to .zip.
  • Open/Extract that file with your preferred file decompression software.
  • Navigate into /Payload and re-zip the '' file/folder up (In Windows it will appear as a folder, in Mac OS X it will appear as a single file) [redundant, I know, but it makes things a little simpler in the long run].
  • Make sure your iPod Touch is connected to your computer in some way via WiFi.
  • Now open the iFile application in your iPod Touch.
  • On the bottom Panel, 2nd icon from the left there is a WiFi signal icon; press that.
  • Locate the IP Address where it should say something like: Accepting connections at
  • Enter that IP Address in your preferred Web browser like so: (not the real address, use what you got in the previous step).
  • Navigate into the /Applications folder in the Web Browser and upload the that you zipped up previously.
  • Unarchive it using the built in feature in iFile.
  • Press the blue arrow next to the '' folder and apply these settings: Apply hierarchically » ON; Owner » root; Group » wheel; User » Read,Write,Execute; Group » Read,Execute; World » Read,Execute.
  • Rebook/Respring and you should be done!

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one. As you know I'm not a huge fan of jailbreaking but some folks may get use out of this.]
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Google Voice app on jailbroken iPod Touch
Authored by: johnnym on Nov 24, '10 08:56:15AM

Ok, I'm failing to see the value of having the app installed. If the iPodTouch requires a cell signal to send/receive calls, why bother? If you want VIOP for a iPodTouch, why not use something like Line2 ( instead?

PS: I don't work for toktumi. I'm just aware of the service.

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Google Voice app on jailbroken iPod Touch
Authored by: pet3rp4n on Nov 24, '10 07:40:45PM

Well, I suppose that depends on what you use Google Voice for. For example I mostly use it for the free text messages, having a native app instead of the web app with the Push function definitely helps with replying in a timely manner. Some could also use it to track their missed calls, placed/received calls, the voicemail transcriptions etc. You could also use it to view/sync your contacts.

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