10.6: Quartz Debug 4.0 Secrets

Nov 05, '10 07:30:00AM

Contributed by: Anonymous

Snow Leopard only hintQuartz Debug is a part of the Apple Developer Tools and may be found in /Developer/Applications/Performance Tools. It's used to test and optimize graphics performance when writing a new Cocoa program. One thing bugging me with Quartz Debug version 4.0 in Snow Leopard is that the window list which listed all the open windows on the system along with their id, size, and memory consumption statistics is apparently gone. This was quite handy when debugging an application that uses multiple windows.

I say apparently gone because it's still there and this can easily verified by taking a look in Quartz Debug's Resources folder.There are lots of .nib in there not present in the old version. Here is how to restore the older behavior.

Open a Terminal prompt and type:

defaults write com.apple.QuartzDebug QDVisibleClientIdentifiers -array-add -string QDWindowInfoClient
Launch Quartz Debug, the 'Window Info' window should appear. And it's way better than the old one.It has live preview,application grouping,Core Image profiling,a reveal window button,etc.

You can also try this:
defaults write com.apple.QuartzDebug QDEnableAppleInternal -bool true
Take a look at the Window menu; there's a new Shadow Cache menu item and the Quartz Debug Settings hud has a new checkbox: 'Show opaque regions' and its QuartzGL setting has three choices (default,enable,disable).

You can activate a mode which show you window information on mouse over+Cmd+Option with this:
defaults write  com.apple.QuartzDebug QDShowWindowInfoOnMouseOver -bool true
That's all for this hint but there is more to be found as there are two other executables in Quartz Debug/Contents/MacOS: 'Server' and 'LogTool' and apparently there is also a profiler according to the contents of the Resources folder.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one.]

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