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Keep the Lock Screen lit longer iOS devices
I've found that using the normal backlight of my phone is sufficient for a flashlight. But waking the iPhone (before unlocking it) only keeps it lit for roughly 6 seconds and having to fully unlock it with a passcode takes too much time -- not to mention it requires looking at the phone.

I've always been a bit dumbfounded that flashlight apps exist for the iPhone (actually, not that they exist, but that people download them). The main reason is that whenever I need light, I need it quickly. Having to:
  • wake my phone
  • unlock it
  • input a passcode
  • locate and launch an app
takes way too much time. Another reason is that for the average dark situation, simply having the screen lit (even if it's not pure white) generally suffices.

Unfortunately, when waking the iPhone, it only remains awake for a few seconds before going dark again. However, if you slide the slider to unlock it (even if you are prompted to input a passcode), it stays lit for a whole minute before sleeping.

So I've found that the fastest and most convenient way to use the iPhone as a flashlight (albeit a simple one) is to:
  • Click the 'sleep/wake' button
  • Slide the slider
This is half the steps required if you were to use an app, not to mention they can be done super quickly and without looking at the screen. And on top of all of that, as a bonus the Lock Screen ignores any Auto-Brightness setting making it shine more brightly than if you were to proceed to the Home Screen.

[crarko adds: I tested this, and it works as described. It's good if you need the lighting briefly. The obvious reason for the flashlight apps is that sometimes one needs the light for more than a minute. And sometimes they operate as tethering proxies. (That's a joke, folks.)]
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Keep the Lock Screen lit longer
Authored by: bhagemann on Oct 28, '10 08:21:27AM

A bit more complicated (requiring a jailbroken phone -which is now quite easy with several methods available)...

I have an iPhone4 with the LED. I installed an app called SpringFlash. This is set so that if I hold my sleep/wake button for a second or so... the LED lights. Hold again and it goes out. Works even if the phone is locked and is configurable to other 'activator' actions such as the volume buttons, swipe actions and so on.

I use this every night after putting my toddler to sleep ;-) That LED sure is bright! --and for the amount of time I use it, battery drain is negligible.

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Keep the Lock Screen lit longer
Authored by: kiltbear on Oct 28, '10 09:00:43AM

For me, when the iPhone is jailbroken, I like the flashlight "cydget" (widgets for lock screens). Two touches of the home button when locked = BRIGHT white light.

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Keep the Lock Screen lit longer
Authored by: jazzbri on Oct 28, '10 08:29:30AM

Simplifiy further... why not just press the home button again? Since the phone's already in your hand, it's right there under your thumb.

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Why I use a Flashlight App
Authored by: googoo on Oct 28, '10 09:42:57AM

Flashlight apps are not completely useless. Sometimes I need a light for an extended time (>1 minute) and have plenty of time to start the app. Starting the flashlight app is much easier than repeatedly pressing the home button. Besides, my flashlight app was free! When I need a quick light, I do not fumble for the flashlight app. I just press the home button (another commenter recommended this, too).


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Keep the Lock Screen lit longer
Authored by: mclbruce on Oct 28, '10 09:50:21AM

The slide show option on an iPad looks like it will work for this. Make a collection of slides that has only one all white photo in it. In Settings: Picture frame, pick that collection. Now it's only two taps to get to the flashlight. One on the close button, one on the picture frame icon.

Edited on Oct 28, '10 09:51:26AM by mclbruce

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Keep the Lock Screen lit longer
Authored by: asmeurer on Oct 28, '10 03:46:10PM

Opening a flashlight app does not take that much time, especially if you have it on your first home screen. They provide the benefit of giving you the most light possible from your device, which is often useful (and if you jailbreak, there's a flashlight app that actually makes the brightness 100% while it is running). And people don't just use them to find their keys at night, I have personally used mine as a reading light, for which it is definitely worth it both to have a continuous light, and to have the brightest light possible.

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Keep the Lock Screen lit longer
Authored by: jakerich on Oct 28, '10 07:06:47PM

I do the same, power, slider, but then I tap the mail icon. Mail has a mostly white background, so it's a bit brighter than the springboard screen. (I don't have mine passworded, so it's a quick process.

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